Hurrah for Empire Earth!

I enlisted the help of my friend of a friend Dave in coming up with a title for my blog. I didn’t really think his suggestion properly summarised my blog, so I titled this post with his proposed title instead.Thanks Dave. (He just told me he is currently wrestling with springs. It makes sense in context, but is funnier out of context) They keep trying to enlist me to play Empire Earth with them, and I still haven’t gone out and bought it yet, which I am guessing is what inspired the title suggestion. Real subtle guys.

Maybe if they bug me often enough I will go buy the game. I’m not sure it will, it didn’t work for Warcraft 3. >.>

So this short post is mainly just so I can tell Dave I blogged about him, and apologize (not sure who to, since I am fairly sure I am the only one reading this at this point) about the lack of blog title. I feel bad that it really is lacking in content. I could write about people pressuring people to do stuff being a good thing, or how it’s cool to meet new people and what it offers you… Or I could go to bed since I have work in the morning (how lame of a reason to go to bed, I wonder why I even say it) and possibly edit this later.

I’ll think about doing that, and the title. One day. Maybe.


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