About this site:

A blog. By me. I think I’m funny. You might too. All photos and drawings are mine, unless credited otherwise.

About me:

Who am I?

I ate the last strawberry out of the carton. And picked up the tiniest intact seashells I could find on the beach. I play my drums loudly and at odd intervals. I’m a nerd in nearly all senses of the word. I like to run, sometimes to nowhere in particular.

One of the most poetic moments of my life was watching the sun rise from above the clouds.

I can now juggle three balls but need more practice. I once owned a baby shark that killed the rest of my fish in the tank. I drive with my music at full volume and sing, drum on the steering wheel and play air guitar. I still like to colour in. I don’t have a preferred alcohol, I’ll drink it all. Exploring is exciting. I’m sure there’s a clever way to mention I’m not a teenager anymore but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Oh, and I’m a chic from Australia who has a fascination with all things American.

That’s a good question, I can’t answer it fully. Plus, I’d like to remain a little anonymous for a little longer. So who are you?



One Response to About

  1. shpak60 says:

    I’m subscribed. Keep the quality up. And the spiders to a minimum. Unless they’re really huge.

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