I have purpose but it’s not what everyone else seems to be doing.

I should really set out a purpose for this blog. Like the people who show up when you Google blogspot.com. They collect postcards, talk about cars, talk about computers, talk about Iraq, talk about being somebody or being nobody. I clicked on one that’s summary said ‘Eclectic historic science and art images from rare books and prints.’ out of curiosity. I still don’t know why I clicked that particular link, it held no interest for me. In fact I spent a while looking at what other peoples blogs on here look like and this thought grew in my mind that mine is nothing like those. I want people to read this, for reasons I’m yet to totally figure out. Should I give this a specific genre? Would people read this more if I focused on ‘contemporary poetry and poetics‘ or ‘A photographic collection of faces found in everyday places’?

I don’t want to. So I won’t. I was thinking of what I want people to get out of reading anything I write, and I hope at least that someone relates to something I say, and it’s a comfort in some small way. We don’t want to feel alone in this big world, yet we often do. Well, some of us, I assume. I intend (though this may change) to write about everyday stuff. To write about what I think is fairly deep philosophical stuff. To write humorous and nonsense content. To share a little bit of my life and experiences with (assuming -anyone- reads this) someone else.

I’ll post more later, I already have some content written to possibly put up here. If not for other people then entirely for myself. Take that.


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