Scrutiny Sunday Steam

December 27, 2010

Zombie steam games

I’ve been playing a few games lately, and a lot of these are through Steam so I decided to play all the Zombie games I could (which ended up being 3 demos and 2 games because as much as I love zombies I don’t want to pay for games just for research.)

Amazingly they were all very different from each other. So, let’s move on with the games shall we?

Stubbs zombie demo title

1.Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

This game is an action game, where you control Stubbs the Zombie (a no brainer) (terrible pun, forgive me). Enter Stubbs:

Stubbs the zombie demo

Yes, he is riding a sheep.

I didn’t get too far into this one but it did seem pretty fun and humorous, as you make your way around, biting/feeding off people which turns them too into zombies. You can also use your belch as a weapon.
Stubbs the zombie demo gameplay

Omnomnom brains

Graphically ok, storyline seemed ok, I’m not used to reviewing games so I’ll just say if it’s your thing, try the demo for at least a few minutes amusement.

Zombie bowl o rama demo

2. Zombie Bowl-o-Rama

As the title suggests, this is a bowling game where you play against zombies. Aaand, the pins are zombies.
Zombie bowl o rama gameplay demo


Amusing game of this kind, and there are pickups you can collect which either help you or hinder the zombies to make it not just a bowling simulation.

Zombie bowl o rama gameplay demo

Hands off, zombies!

Again, fun for a few minutes and it’s not too large of a download. And of course, zombies!


zombie shooter demo
3.Zombie Shooter

Classic arcade style isometric shooter game. A bit bland, but feels old school which can be enough in and of itself.

zombie shooter demo gameplay


Once again good for a few minutes especially if you’re into shooter games like this one.

zombie shooter demo gameplay

Ahh, pixelated zombie blood

Old style graphics, variety of different zombies and maps. Plus the little dude looks so badass in that gun slinging pose.

Zombie Driver demo
4. Zombie Driver

A driving zombie game with some semblance of a plot, in which you are tasked with rescuing survivors. In your car. You unlock different cars along the way, and face tougher enemies and larger numbers.
zombie driver gameplay

Oh shi- where is my flamethrower?!

A lot of fun, even if only for the smashing through zombies with your car effect. Pulling a handbrake turn wiping out a score of zombies in the process is strangely satisfying.
zombie driver gameplay 2

Here comes the fatman zombie..

I ended up buying this one and had a lot of fun, there is the campaign in which you unlock different vehicles but also challenge modes where you get pitted against wave after wave of zombies and get rewarded with various upgrades (flamethrowers, missile launchers and the like.) Mow down them zombies, I say!


plants vs zombies game

5. Plants VS Zombies

This is a nifty tower defense game that I ended up buying because it was so cool. Has all the usual elements of TD games with zombies, and it’s really well done.

Plants vs Zombies gameplay

There’s also a MJ zombie

With quirky plant names and increasingly challenging levels, I’d recommend trying this demo as it’s a great game.

Plants vs Zombies gameplay walnut


There’s even a music video with a catchy little song. Oh, and the slogan? “Get ready to soil your plants!”

That wraps up the Steam zombie demo games edition of Scrutiny Sunday, hopefully the large amount of pictures once again distracts from lack of actual content. That and the fact I’m a terrible reviewer I think, might have to leave that up to TS over at The Non-Review. As I said yesterday, hope your holidays went well regardless of how you celebrate or refuse to and I hope I was right in avoiding Boxing Day sales even though a tiny part of me really really wanted to go. Too late now!

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Christmas Chatter

December 26, 2010

I really have absolutely nothing of value to say today, not so much as a speck of a post planned out either. This’ll just be a quick post, because who posts on Christmas?! (Hint: I do.) Christmas back home is a traditional affair, with the tree, stockings, presents, a roast lunch complete with crackers that have ridiculous paper hats and terrible terrible jokes (What do you call Santa when he’s stopped? Santa Pause.) And cheap toys. But maybe we buy them too cheap.

Bon bons/Christmas crackers


Here, our Christmas Eve was spent drinking Christmas cocktails (ie they had candy canes in them). Mmmm. I might even share the recipe later. And our Christmas Day is… underway. Reports later.

Christmas cocktail

They’re even a festive green colour!

With that (little) said, Merry Christmas to my readers (yep, you’re mine now!), hope you are having a fantastic day! Or even just a better than normal one. I’d give you presents but I’m terrible at shopping so you will get my well wishes as a present. Take that! I’ll even throw in a bonus festive ‘Seasons Greetings!’ Aren’t you the lucky ones.

Sagacious Scrutiny Sunday

December 20, 2010

I’ve been slacking on the posts lately, all I’m going to say is I’m on holidays. No excuses needed! Not feeling particularly inspired at this particular moment, it’s raining and therefore freezing. I’m wearing three shirts, a jumper, a ski jacket, shorts, long pants, a pair of ordinary socks, a pair of hockey socks and have a blanket on. To think I want to see snow, too. Brr.

Anyhow, I stumbled across this site which is about design ideas and isn’t as boring as that sounds (to anyone who got bored by that title). It’s called Dornob and features all sorts of innovative and interesting design ideas in a range of fields.

Ever have trouble measuring things, and wish there was a simpler way?

Hand measuring toolTry the Digital tape measure. You can put them on fingers of the same hand, different hands, or give one to someone else across the room. Saves you from using that arm measurement I know at least some people do. (“Now it’s from about my elbow to my palm…”) Nifty, right?

Ever sit in your rocking chair and think, I wish I could save more electricity?

Rocking chair electricity

Now you can, with this Rocking chair powered lamp. You sit there, rocking away, and it powers your reading lamp. Good for…  if you rock and read, I personally don’t have a rocking chair and prefer the couch or the bed but… it’s still a novel idea.


Ever been stuck somewhere with just your wallet on you and wished you had a light source?
Portable small flashlightWith this credit card sized light, you can! Granted we usually have phones or iphones to use for illumination but given its size this seems like a cool idea. It isn’t overly powerful or long-lasting but it is a great small light, would be helpful in some situations. (The only examples I could think of here involved zombies.)

Ever wanted to change the colour or pattern of your walls without repainting?

Colour changing wallpaperNow you can! This wallpaper pattern works with heat activated paint. As it gets hotter, out come the flowers. Or whatever you wish to appear on your walls in the summer months.

Ok, how about those times you end up with a cold cup of coffee?
hot water drink heater
Never fear, with this portable battery powered drink heater you can heat up a drink in no time (or some time, not entirely sure how long it takes) right at your desk! Ooer!



Ok, so it’s pretty evident I’m out of ideas for posts today and I’m focusing on other people’s ideas. This kind of thing does interest me though, different design ideas and gadgets in different aspects of life. There’s plenty on that site to check out, some I didn’t show include a changeable dress made of zippers, self drying plates and wall carpets (did you ever run your hand through the carpet to make different patterns? This takes it to a whole new level.)

Aaand that’s about it for this Scrutiny Sunday, tune in next week for more… scrutinizing? That’s assuming I post, which I will try as I bet you guys are really missing me (about time she shut up ay?) Kinda like when you promise to try to get around to doing the laundry. Only difference is writing posts isn’t a chore (sometimes.) Perhaps a Christmas themed post to come, we’ll see. I’m not sure you’ve all been good enough this year.

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Supernatural Scrutiny Sunday

December 13, 2010

Not much to report this week, but in the true spirit of posting every or close to every Sunday so as not to break the Scrutiny Sunday cycle, you’re getting a post anyway. Excited? You should be.

Yesterday, we made the usual grocery store visit. (Note: lists stop you from buying everything in sight. I’m aware you all probably know this, but it never  hurts to remember it.) Reaching the point where the trolley (read: shopping cart) was refusing to turn without brute force due to it’s weight, we stopped by the alcohol aisles (as everyone must do) and we stumbled upon this.

Hells yea! Exotic zombie!

Yes. Zombie. Of course we couldn’t resist buying it. Clever marketing Bacardi, clever marketing. Blueberry or Blue Blast aren’t good enough, call it Zombie and you’ll catch that whole demographic at least once no matter the taste. We reasoned even if it tasted like dirty sewer water or zombie urine, it was still called Zombie and therefore worth the money.

So, what did it taste like? Was it like a liquefied zombie entrails? Did it leave us walking around like zombies?

Zombie drinking!

Cheers, fellow zombie drinker!

It tasted nice. Bit fruity. But… very drinkable! Phew. Exceeds expectations, luckily. Tastes and looks nothing like the traditional ‘zombie’ cocktail. And at 12.5% alcohol content, you’d have to drink it like you were about to run out the door before the zombies broke down the door (aka slam a bit of it down) before you feel the effects too much. Probably need the whole bottle before you started acting like a zombie. But, as far as premixed alcohol goes it’s a good buy. And more importantly, it is called ‘Zombie’.



Gnarghkargh more zombie

Short post today, but you’ll get over it. If you don’t, why don’t we sit down and have a glass or two of this stuff and I’m sure you will eventually. Alcohol solves everything, right? And yes, those are square glasses to drink it. They’re cool ok? Ok. Cheers to the zombie apocalypse. Or at least to surviving it or not caring because you’re drunk.

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Cool things you have and we don’t [Part 2]

December 10, 2010

Time for some more USA lovin’ (no, not in that way. Sorry to disappoint.)

I love the KFC Double Down.

Yes, I’m late to the game in trying KFC’s double down. In my defense, it’s not available in Australia (that I am aware of).  But… It. Was. Awesome. Even if it looked slightly odd. Very tasty indeed, I’ll be making an effort not to visit KFC too often for risk of heart attack/clogged arteries/KFC inducted comas/etc though. Wasn’t as bad as I thought honestly, I was impressed.

KFC Double Down


That said, KFC in America is very different to KFC in Australia. I’m amazed at the amount of sides (mac and cheese?! Baked beans?! Rice?!) and that those scone/muffin like things are called ‘biscuits’. What also astounds me every visit is that they sell cake. CAKE. I am also very disappointed you guys don’t have chicken nuggets. Or chips (read: fries). KFC chicken nuggets are fantastic, and our chips come with chicken salt, fantastically tasty. And we have a lot more burger (read: sandwich) options. Our sides are limited to chips, potato and gravy, coleslaw and dinner rolls. But it doesn’t matter because that is more than enough for KFC. Always choose the chips. If you really want to ogle the differences, here’s the American menu, and here’s the Australian one. I hope you’ve noticed by now I love KFC in Australia (I even once said if someone took me to KFC and shouted me a nuggets and chips combo instead of to a restaurant as a date that’d be fine by me.) So it’s American counterpart, which I was very excited to check out, disappointed a little. With the shining (with grease) exception of the double down.

I also love Monster energy drinks. Before I discovered Monster, energy drinks always tasted terrible. They were just hard to drink, and the best of them still didn’t inspire one to keep sipping. I’d heard American friends talk about how good it was, and then one day at the supermarket, I saw it. The glowing green ‘M’ caught my gaze and I practically levitated across the aisle towards it. Ok, not really. But I was still impressed we had it, and even more impressed when I tasted it. So it’s not exclusively American, but we still don’t get all the flavours and it isn’t as widely stocked. Plus you guys made it so I’ll give credit where it is due.


Nectar of the Gods

In the spirit of not talking solely about food and drink (my glutton is showing), I also love that it’s well, USA. This part is hard to explain but every time I see a billboard promoting some celebrity or radio show, I’m reminded that I’m here in the US. This is the place where big companies are, the ‘big cheese’ if you will. All the tv shows, movies, default shipping options on websites… right here. I’ve only been to California and Nevada so far, but to be in such a big and dominant country hits home a lot. It’s USA, and I like it. (Of course there are things I hate, I’ll get to that later) I’m no star struck celebrity follower, but it is kinda cool to think that Hollywood is less than an hour away (depending on traffic, more), downtown LA is too. I almost feel in awe that I’m here. (I’d probably think this about any country but we’ll pretend it’s because it’s USA.) I do love my home country, but I am growing rather fond of USA.

If only because they have food and drink I like. And a few cool people live here too.


USA the big cheese

Literally a big cheese


See here for Part 1 of ‘Cool things you have and we don’t’.

Talking Tuesday at a Chinese Restaurant

December 8, 2010

(at a Chinese restaurant.)

Me: “Does that say JELLYFISH?!”

Dinner companion #1: “…Yes.”

Me: “What part of jellyfish do you eat?!”

Dinner companion #1: “I don’t know, the tentacles?”

Me: “But dude, that’s poisonous! How-Why-I’m so confused I want to order it and see.”

Dinner companion #1: “Don’t be silly. You won’t eat it.”

Me: “I know -that-. But it’s JELLYFISH! How awesomely interesting!”

Dinner companion #1: “Just order the beef already. Sheesh.”

Me: “FINE I WILL THEN…Are those LIVE FISH in that tank over there?!”

Dinner companion #1: “Yes. You don’t eat fish though.”

Me: “I eat some fish thank you very much, just… ooo Shark fin?! DUNDUN *makes Jaws music noises*”

Dinner companion #1: *orders her meal, and Mongolian beef for me* “Just shush.”

Me: *thinks “My beef comes with BAMBOO?! I’m like a panda!”*


(A waiter comes over and offers me a fork (there are chopsticks on the table))

Me: “Sure…Thanks.” *thinking might as well let them give me the pity fork in case the chopsticks don’t work out*

Dinner companion #1: “Haha they feel sorry for you!”

(later during dinner, Dinner companion #1 watches me deftly pick up a walnut from across the table with my chopsticks)

Me: “Oh yea, I have chopstick skills now! *flexes* *drops walnut*”

(I didn’t really drop it, but you should have seen me ‘use’ chopsticks when I first started. I use the word ‘use’ liberally as it was more like watching a panda ice skate.)


(Food arrives, the third member of our party has ordered Cod)

Me: “Ooer! That looks pretty all… dissected like that. *eyes fish tank on wall*”

Dinner companion #2: *eats fish silently*

Fresh Cod

Exaggerated slightly

Needless to say, I’m a bit culturally challenged. Just a bit. (The food was fantastic though, and the way the cod was presented it did really look enticing.) And yes, I’m that annoying person who heckles everything at dinner, somewhat akin to a child. Someone has to pretend they’re funny, right? Just don’t laugh or show a hint of a smile, that’ll just encourage me. I should have tried the jellyfish.

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Scrutiny Sunday Showtime

December 6, 2010

I went to the movies on Friday. I’ve been more (twice) in the last month than I have in the last year. (Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.)

Unfortunately, we realised halfway there that the front door may not be locked, involving an attempt to turn around (not easy on a freeway) that led us into an unfamiliar neighbourhood in which we searched for an entrance ramp (more difficult than you’d think). Of course after getting stuck in traffic, we found one. One that led us back onto the freeway in the SAME direction we were just going. Sigh. And all the other cars on the way back (once we finally found a way) decided it’d be fun to spend some time to get to know each other. In other words, bumper to bumper traffic. And naturally, the door was locked after all.

We missed our intended screening time but decided the next one we might be able to make it to. We pulled into the shopping mall car park 10 minutes after the next one was due to start. Of course the traffic men with whistles helped our parking efforts.
Traffic controller doing his job

Yea, they stand there and blow their whistles and do this…

Traffic controller doing his dancing job

They look more like the are dancing

It was decided we’d see the movie anyway, we didn’t want to wait until the next screening. So, which of the delectable selection of current releases did I go see, paying top cinema dollar for?

I saw Burlesque. Yep, with Cher (who apparently doesn’t age) and Christina Aguilera (does that woman have a voice or what?!) There was also a whole lot of other celebrity names in it as well. I hadn’t heard anything about it prior to seeing it, so I found it rather enjoyable. I remarked it was a little like Coyote Ugly, and of course when I got home to read about it more, that’s apparently what a lot of people are saying. My movie partner thought there wasn’t enough Cher (she is a huge Cher fan so watching 100 minutes of the camera trained on Cher still wouldn’t satisfy). Other than that, and its predictable yet rather holey plot, it was an enjoyable movie. I’d watch it again. (Did I mention Christina’s voice is WOW?) At worst it’s a music video/burlesque/musical spread out over 100 minutes. At best, you’ll love it. The dancing and club scenes are fascinating to watch.
I don’t usually rate movies so you’re not going to get a score or a grading. If you’re into that kind of movie, see it. If not, wait until it comes out on DVD. Good advice? Perhaps. I’m just disappointed I didn’t get any popcorn.

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Edit: Yes, I tried out Pivot since static drawings didn’t cut it this time, and I didn’t want to just link to the Rush Hour 3 scene I was reminded of, even if it is hilarious. Original work for the win. Oh alright, here it is.