A Softer World

July 19, 2009

I have to say, one of my favourite webcomics out there that I’ve seen so far would have to be A Softer World. I find it sometimes funny, sometimes hilarious and always thought provoking. Emily and Joey truly do a good job. It can be quite dark humour, yet even if some of the panels don’t appeal, most will. Humorous, yet with a serious undertone. I love it.

A few examples:

a sexy international superstar that never cries

the resolution doesn't matter

I’d share more, but there are too many worth sharing. Couldn’t remember the location of my favourite one, but those are two interesting examples. Hop on over and check it out.


How to solve a Rubik cube.

July 18, 2009

I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to do a Rubik cube.
Without cheating.

I thought I would share what my current cube looks like, and the main reason I haven’t gotten any further on completing that goal.

And it can’t be fixed. It’s essentially useless, apart from how kinda cool the picture looks, the symbolism, and taking up space. Well, make that, useless as a normal, functioning cube.


Oh nose!

July 18, 2009

I hate blood noses so much. Probably because they happen fairly often for me. Not frequently, but more than one every three months I’d say is a fair average. I’ve woken up at night with one, woken up in the morning to one, had one at work, had one at school, had one at sport, had one at the shops… The sudden onset always gets me. Sometimes up to a day beforehand I can maybe sense that one is possibly going to happen, but it doesn’t prepare you. They don’t usually worry me, just a small annoyance. The one I had just then worried me a little, because I have a cold or the flu, and because of the amount and size of the blood and clots. It doesn’t disgust me.

I think one of my funniest instances was when I met up with a fellow Achaean when I was down in Melbourne, we were at a shopping centre. Nearly time to say goodbye, I get a message from Mum to pick up some tampons and smokes for her. Followed shortly by my nose starting to bleed. Luckily my friend had a napkin in her bag from lunch, which served better use than using my hand until I got the the ladies toilets. If you’ve ever been in most public toilets, you’ll know that there is no paper really absorbant or soft, or more than one ply. So I folded up a paper towel (so bad for my nose!), shoved it in the nostril in question, grabbed a few for the road, cleaned up a bit (only because being covered in blood usually scares people) and off I went to the supermarket.

Terrible Paint Drawing
Of course, I don’t know the rules about the supermarkets down there, but I did know one thing. I grabbed the packet of tampons, madly hoping it was the ones she wanted, with one hand, the other holding onto the tissue in my nose. At home I may be able to walk around with a tissue stuffed up my nose, but out in public it looks better if you hold onto it. So at this time of the day, the supermarket was of course, fairly busy. The express, or do it yourself queue had a line half the aisle long, and the shopping trolleys in the normal checkouts were mostly full or overflowing.

Now at this point all I wanted to do was get out of there, and figure out how to buy cigarettes in this place. Imagine, if you will, a teenage girl, one hand waving a box of tampons around, the other holding a scrunched up paper towel up her nose with hints of blood around. It was no surprise that upon my request, several shoppers in the normal checkouts let me cut in front of them. Not sure much screams ‘Pity me and let me in front’ quite like tampons and a nosebleed. Of course you don’t talk normally when you have a paper towel stuffed up one nostril either. If the tampons were mine, maybe I’d be less obviously guesturing that it was my only item than I was. After quickly buying my item, praising the generosity (or pity) of complete strangers, I was directed to a service counter to buy the smokes. Of course they want ID. Not sure if the picture quite matches what I looked at like this particular instance though, but it passed and I was good to go.

I find myself explaining to people, after I have blocked the flow of blood somewhat, that it ‘happens all the time, don’t worry’. It’s still not the best image though. And can be quite amusing to friends. Also amusing is the differing advice of people. ‘Tilt your head back, tilt your head forward, pinch it, apply ice.’ Well three of the four are correct to my knowledge. And even if tilting my head back would stop it faster, the feel of blood running down my throat and to my stomach really doesn’t sit well. 5 minutes and it’s usually stopped enough to remove the tissue. I’m used to it by now.

I don’t know why I get them so frequently, whether it’s the weather or what. Who nose. Ha.

Nifty skills

July 17, 2009

I’ve been eating a lot of mandarines lately, and since I never eat just one, I was reminded when I carried three back to my desk about a goal I set myself and haven’t yet achieved. I want to learn to juggle.

I also want to learn to speak another language (probably Spanish, it sounds sexy), learn to skate (better), solve a Rubik’s cube, the list goes on. Small skills that have little to no utility but would be cool to master. Even just to show off. Coughcough.

But it’d be nifty to be able to juggle…

Hey whatnow?

July 6, 2009

Today I told one of my coworkers that I started a blog. Her first reaction was to laugh. I mean, I told her solely to see her reaction, and I can’t say it wasn’t unexpected. She also asked if I had a lot to say. I think everyone has a lot to say. I find myself telling people stories or anecdotes that they really don’t need or possibly want to know. I’ll tell them anyway. I can usually get a laugh out of people, even if it’s only at how bad my joke is.

I actually made someone laugh by telling them I think I’m funny. This line works pretty well if used right.

I’m also a big fan of puns. A girl was telling us a story of how her dad split his toe open, clean down the middle with an axe. Someone said ‘He doesn’t do things by half measures’ to which I replied, ‘Well, he does really.’ Ha. Not one of my finest, but the only one I can recall off the top of my head. It’s more of an in-the-moment thing for me.

So this is a picture I took of Caloundra beach from my balcony window last time I visited. I’m hoping to maybe go back there in a few weeks. I somewhat aspire to be a good photographer. I should really buy a camera. It would make taking photos of stuff easier. And Mum doesn’t trust me with her camera since an aftergrad party I took the last one to. Heh….

Hurrah for Empire Earth!

July 6, 2009

I enlisted the help of my friend of a friend Dave in coming up with a title for my blog. I didn’t really think his suggestion properly summarised my blog, so I titled this post with his proposed title instead.Thanks Dave. (He just told me he is currently wrestling with springs. It makes sense in context, but is funnier out of context) They keep trying to enlist me to play Empire Earth with them, and I still haven’t gone out and bought it yet, which I am guessing is what inspired the title suggestion. Real subtle guys.

Maybe if they bug me often enough I will go buy the game. I’m not sure it will, it didn’t work for Warcraft 3. >.>

So this short post is mainly just so I can tell Dave I blogged about him, and apologize (not sure who to, since I am fairly sure I am the only one reading this at this point) about the lack of blog title. I feel bad that it really is lacking in content. I could write about people pressuring people to do stuff being a good thing, or how it’s cool to meet new people and what it offers you… Or I could go to bed since I have work in the morning (how lame of a reason to go to bed, I wonder why I even say it) and possibly edit this later.

I’ll think about doing that, and the title. One day. Maybe.

I have purpose but it’s not what everyone else seems to be doing.

July 5, 2009

I should really set out a purpose for this blog. Like the people who show up when you Google blogspot.com. They collect postcards, talk about cars, talk about computers, talk about Iraq, talk about being somebody or being nobody. I clicked on one that’s summary said ‘Eclectic historic science and art images from rare books and prints.’ out of curiosity. I still don’t know why I clicked that particular link, it held no interest for me. In fact I spent a while looking at what other peoples blogs on here look like and this thought grew in my mind that mine is nothing like those. I want people to read this, for reasons I’m yet to totally figure out. Should I give this a specific genre? Would people read this more if I focused on ‘contemporary poetry and poetics‘ or ‘A photographic collection of faces found in everyday places’?

I don’t want to. So I won’t. I was thinking of what I want people to get out of reading anything I write, and I hope at least that someone relates to something I say, and it’s a comfort in some small way. We don’t want to feel alone in this big world, yet we often do. Well, some of us, I assume. I intend (though this may change) to write about everyday stuff. To write about what I think is fairly deep philosophical stuff. To write humorous and nonsense content. To share a little bit of my life and experiences with (assuming -anyone- reads this) someone else.

I’ll post more later, I already have some content written to possibly put up here. If not for other people then entirely for myself. Take that.