Hey whatnow?

Today I told one of my coworkers that I started a blog. Her first reaction was to laugh. I mean, I told her solely to see her reaction, and I can’t say it wasn’t unexpected. She also asked if I had a lot to say. I think everyone has a lot to say. I find myself telling people stories or anecdotes that they really don’t need or possibly want to know. I’ll tell them anyway. I can usually get a laugh out of people, even if it’s only at how bad my joke is.

I actually made someone laugh by telling them I think I’m funny. This line works pretty well if used right.

I’m also a big fan of puns. A girl was telling us a story of how her dad split his toe open, clean down the middle with an axe. Someone said ‘He doesn’t do things by half measures’ to which I replied, ‘Well, he does really.’ Ha. Not one of my finest, but the only one I can recall off the top of my head. It’s more of an in-the-moment thing for me.

So this is a picture I took of Caloundra beach from my balcony window last time I visited. I’m hoping to maybe go back there in a few weeks. I somewhat aspire to be a good photographer. I should really buy a camera. It would make taking photos of stuff easier. And Mum doesn’t trust me with her camera since an aftergrad party I took the last one to. Heh….


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