Scrutiny Sunday Sell-ebration

Once again I’ve failed to deliver, and it’s worrying me that this is beginning to form a pattern. When life gets busy, the blog suffers. When life is quieter, the blog gets busy. That’s basically my excuse for a measly one post a week ratio.

So I’m late on Scrutiny Sunday as well, but it’s still Sunday in America or at least parts of it for a few more hours so I’m taking advantage of that fact, and the fact I missed posting yesterday to still call this my weekly Scrutiny post. I had difficulty thinking of a topic this week, especially since this post needs to be rushed out for it to count as Sunday still. (I’m going with California time) And then I thought to myself, as I checked my Google Reader blog list, that perhaps I should mention the fantastic idea that friends at another blog are running with.

Now, I say friends loosely, I mean it more in the internet stalker way which sounds bad but really isn’t in this case. One of them I’ve spoken to (and I say this loosely as well, as commenting on blogs isn’t exactly -speaking- as such) a grand total of once and another we’ve spoken more often and united against artsy logo’d men etc. (Speaking of, I missed being there for you in reference to THAT post, you know who you are and I’m sorry. But more excuses to come in another medium, I’m sure).

Enough rambling. These two (and another, I think? Sorry!) run the blog over at WitBehind and while their blog is fantastic, it’s an idea they use that really struck me as An Awesome Idea. It’s called a No Rules Linky Party. Which is an awesome name in and of itself, firstly because it has ‘No Rules’ which means one can indulge their rebellious side, and secondly because it’s a party. Almost makes me want to wear a party hat. Anyhow, their description of it goes something like:

‘Let me introduce you to the No Rules Linky Party. It is just that, no rules, restrictions, and no money-back guarantee.’

Having participated in one whole linky party, yes ONE, I am practically a pro at these things now, I thought I’d share the love back. Because ladies, you are saintly yes, but I can be too. That or I needed blog fodder, but we’ll go with how saintly I am. Makes us both sound better. Honestly though, I really like this idea and intend to participate as often as I can, not only to hype my own blog but because it’s really cool to read about a topic, then go see others thoughts on that same topic. Which I suspect is the exact reason for it.Linky party madness at Witbehind

Look at all those streamers, it must be a great party! And they have hats!*

*hats not included

So thank you, ladies at WitBehind, for introducing me to the concept of Linky Parties. Now I’ve finally figured it out, or at least as much as I’m probably going to, I’ll be keeping an eye out (well, an even closer one that I normally do) for the parties. Oh, and another great thing is you’re all invited. No need to feel left out, even the silliest outcast of blogs gets invited to this party. There may not be a money back guarantee, and there isn’t always a cake, but it’s a whole lot of fun and the more people, the merrier funnily enough. So, dance on over (or at least do a little bopping in your chair) to WitBehind and join in the merriment.

Scrutiny Sundays are a creation of Reputation@Stake over at The Stupid Bet, share your link if you’re participating so I/he/we can all linkyparty hard tog- or just so I can share it as well.

PS: Pardon the title, if you read it aloud celebration is good alliteration, but written not so much. Plus, I’m selling the idea of celebration. Yep, I’m a clever one.


9 Responses to Scrutiny Sunday Sell-ebration

  1. Wit Behind the Ears? They suck! The writers over there are like monkeys with scrabble tiles. They–
    What? Yeah, I’ve written for them. Why?

  2. Cotton says:

    Actually good lookin, the term of endearment: ‘Monkeys with scrabble tiles’ fits us nicely. So thanks bunches, Mr. Reputa-
    Ah, man. You again?

  3. Cotton says:

    So Mose, or is it Moss? I’m linking today’s post up to our Facebook page. That’s right! You feel honored to pieces, and well you should…

    There’s like 36 people following our every typed out word over there, and I’m not blood related to any of them. This could be huge for you.

    But most likely, not. In the states we call that, “getting what you paid for”.

    • Here I was just doing my saintly duty as you girls do. Now, I’m a glorified stalker with 36 chances to get new readers. Awwyea.

      I am honoured to pieces. I take it by the bragging on facebook you got my apology email?

      A thing to note: When Americans try to do Australian accents, they sound British. True story.

  4. Cotton says:

    I *totally* sound British when I try to do Australian.
    It’s like were listening in my car today.

    Anyway, it’s super frustrating. Teach me your Aussie ways!!!

  5. CorruptCamel says:

    The linky party IS a great idea. In fact, the overall layout and idea of this blog is pretty incredible. Kudos to you and the crew.

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