Scary Streetview Scrutiny Sunday Site

Is it Sunday already? Yikes. Here I was, intending to post midweek as well, and it’s already Sunday. I do have a few posts in the works, and if I could give you a preview without giving the post away, I would. Actually…
dinosaur sneak peek comic

Feel free to wonder. No, the post isn’t the obvious. Suspense! Aha! It’s proof, I didn’t just draw that for the sake of pretending I have a post. I do! You will see. Eventually.

Moving right along, this week’s Scrutiny Sunday post is going to be a small one again, once again featuring a site. These are the kind of things probably better suited to Reps ALinkAndASmile. That said, they still count for Scrutiny Sunday. For me anyway. And around here, what I say goes.

Just a little fun site for today, combining Zombies with Google Street View to bring you a survival game where you run down your own street avoiding zombies, and seeing how long you can stay alive. You can set the difficulty, and the address where you begin.
zombiefied cartoon zombie

A zombified MoS. (That or MoS at 4am. Hard call)

You can check it out, it’s called STREETVIEW ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (yes, in all caps)

It was a little slow running for me, but I dodged zombies regardless. If it loaded a bit faster, I’d have played for longer, it’s an amusing take on the Google Maps features. I played it fine in Firefox, even though they recommend Chrome. Would have probably run faster. Running faster is always a good thing when zombies are involved…

That’s my contribution for today, not much but it has zombies so it’s worth double points. I may or may not have just made that rule up but it sounds good. I was going to link you to a few other good sites/pages but might save those for another time, this is the internet after all. Shall be seeing you for more posts in a week at the latest, I know it’s hard to go without a post from me for a week so I will try get some more material up soon. This doesn’t sound finished, I knew I should have figured out a catchphrase to end on back when I started Scrutiny Sunday. Oh well!

Scrutiny Sundays are a creation of Reputation@Stake over at The Stupid Bet, share your link if you’re participating so I/he/we can all run from zombies down your street toge- or just so I can share it as well.


4 Responses to Scary Streetview Scrutiny Sunday Site

  1. Cotton says:

    Now really, a game where you can run down your own street being chased by zombies? That’s pretty darn clever. Even if I’m not a fan of of zombies (creepy) or Google Street View (creepier).

  2. It didn’t take me to the correct address, so I’m going to blame that for why I only survived for 1 min and 35 seconds. If I knew where I was I’d be uncatchable!

    Thanks for sharing this link. I may very well use it on L&S (My shorthand for “A Link And A Smile”).

    • Indeed, knowing one’s surroundings is crucial to zombie survival for longer than 1 minute 35 seconds. It’s one of those unwritten rules.

      That said, you’d better make sure you’re in familiar territory if/when the zombie apocalypse happens. Or have a car/clearer vision than Street View.

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