Creature Chronicles: Lively Lizard Vol I

March 12, 2011

There I was, just relaxing in bed, writing on my laptop. Alone in my room, door closed. Nothing unusual about it. This is the stage you become almost completely unaware of your surroundings…

All of a sudden, I notice a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye.

The first time I dismissed it completely. Eyes play tricks on you, electricity surges, there’s logical explanations. Of course, I promptly forgot about it. Later, I’m watching a movie in bed and completely absorbed in the plot (I can’t remember the movie but it must have been ok). Almost on cue with a music surge in the score, I see it again. That dark blur of movement that is gone before you can look closer. The second time it’s a little harder to dismiss. I began to wonder exactly what it was…

monster in the dark cartoon

Something nefarious no doubt…

Wondering didn’t last too long, but I did have to rewind my movie a bit. In cases like these my imagination is a bad thing. But I resumed watching my movie, and I completely forgot about it once more. Until… THERE IT WAS AGAIN. This time, I knew there was definitely something odd going on. But this time, the mysterious thing had been moving slightly slower as it darted across the corner of my vision. I managed to catch a quick glance. Much to my relief, it wasn’t an enormous spider, like I had initially feared, or anything supernatural (or at least I hoped.)

So what exactly was it?

dinosaur trex cartoon
Not quite. (Gosh I draw such amazing dinosaurs)

All I know is it’s a lizard. I tried in vain to capture it on film to show you the sneaky little bugger, and to get a better idea of what he looked like. But he’s always too quick, and disappears faster than free parking spots near work/school/anywhereyouhavetobe . A mystery indeed! This is honestly the best picture I could get. And even then it looks like one of those fake bigfoot pictures, or the ones paparazzi take of celebrities from 50 miles away. Just as I was about to publish this I captured a slightly clearer picture (you think this one looks bad, take a look at this)
mystery lizard photo australia

Blurred and with bad lighting, but he’s there alright

As soon as I get close, he disappears out the door or behind my desk. And if I open the door or peer behind the desk? He’s vanished into thin air and won’t be spotted until his next dash across the room. No joke, there is nowhere he can go but somehow he VANISHES. Want to see him? Too bad, he appears on his terms and his terms only. Elusive. Invisible. Speedy. I’ll take name suggestions. So far I’ve come up with ‘Gonzales’ and ‘Mysterylizard’, though I also call him by other more explicit names.

This lizard continues to taunt me, he even ran across while I was writing this post. I haven’t seen him in a week and he shows up while I’m writing about him, just to make his point. Lucky he’s harmless… I hope.

Mystery lizard, wanted