Scary Streetview Scrutiny Sunday Site

February 27, 2011

Is it Sunday already? Yikes. Here I was, intending to post midweek as well, and it’s already Sunday. I do have a few posts in the works, and if I could give you a preview without giving the post away, I would. Actually…
dinosaur sneak peek comic

Feel free to wonder. No, the post isn’t the obvious. Suspense! Aha! It’s proof, I didn’t just draw that for the sake of pretending I have a post. I do! You will see. Eventually.

Moving right along, this week’s Scrutiny Sunday post is going to be a small one again, once again featuring a site. These are the kind of things probably better suited to Reps ALinkAndASmile. That said, they still count for Scrutiny Sunday. For me anyway. And around here, what I say goes.

Just a little fun site for today, combining Zombies with Google Street View to bring you a survival game where you run down your own street avoiding zombies, and seeing how long you can stay alive. You can set the difficulty, and the address where you begin.
zombiefied cartoon zombie

A zombified MoS. (That or MoS at 4am. Hard call)

You can check it out, it’s called STREETVIEW ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (yes, in all caps)

It was a little slow running for me, but I dodged zombies regardless. If it loaded a bit faster, I’d have played for longer, it’s an amusing take on the Google Maps features. I played it fine in Firefox, even though they recommend Chrome. Would have probably run faster. Running faster is always a good thing when zombies are involved…

That’s my contribution for today, not much but it has zombies so it’s worth double points. I may or may not have just made that rule up but it sounds good. I was going to link you to a few other good sites/pages but might save those for another time, this is the internet after all. Shall be seeing you for more posts in a week at the latest, I know it’s hard to go without a post from me for a week so I will try get some more material up soon. This doesn’t sound finished, I knew I should have figured out a catchphrase to end on back when I started Scrutiny Sunday. Oh well!

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Scrutiny Sunday Silly Site

February 21, 2011

So. I’m back. For real this time. I’ve had more than enough time to recover, and the jet lag excuse is wearing a little thin after over a week. Anyhow, no fanfare entrance (that would ruin my attempt to sneak back into the blogging scene like nothing has happened), on with the actual content.

Today’s Scrutiny Sunday (Yes, it’s still Sunday in America and I technically started writing this on a Sunday so it counts) topic is… a website. I’m not sure if I should be censoring my work, especially if this website has a ‘swear word’ (oooo, I’m telling) in the name and url. So, we’ll go with doing this. Highlight it to read the whole word if you’re feeling especially sweary today (gosh, this should be Word Wednesday as well!) Oh, and better do a clearer NSFW (Contains obscenity) warning. There.

The site is called The Fucking Weather.

You’ve probably heard of it. Basically, you enter your zipcode or city name and it will tell you what the temperature is, and also inform you if it is particularly hot or cold, in not so nice terms. Fahrenheit or Celsius, it will even let you know the forecast.

For those of you who like knowing the temperature with dramatic F Bombs, it’s definitely handy. For those of you like me, who check the weather forecast randomly and sparsely, it’s amusing to hear a more interesting take than a more official weather channel. According to this site, right now where I am ‘It’s Fucking Hot!’ and in small print ‘Still not appropriate to wear a Speedo though’. Good advice, weather site, good advice.

storm cloud cartoon eyes

When I drew it, it looked like it needed eyes. Should have added a moustache.

That about wraps it up for this dismal post. I’ve learnt what the weather is, and that I can’t draw stormclouds. Not a great coming back post, I imagine you all know about this already, but it’ll do. For now.


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Scrutiny Sunday Sorry

February 14, 2011

So. Good news is I’m back in Australia. Well, it’s not really good news. For me at least. Ok, bad news is I’m back in Aus.

More bad news is, I’m not inspired to post. Was aiming for another double to make up for the one I missed -but- I have been busy travelling/being on holiday/recovering so… oops.

On that note though, I will make a better effort to push out more posts in the coming weeks to make up for my absence. Good stuff. Right, I’m off to nap. Or at least think about it until it’s a reasonable hour to sleep. I drew this for you.

Be back soon guys

Should have drawn me looking more frazzled

See ya soon, thanks for the patience.

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Supersized Scrutiny Sunday Section 2: Spice

January 31, 2011

Welcome back. Or forward. (See here for section 1.)

Thus begins the second section of Scrutiny Sunday, what a bonus! TWO posts in one day to make up for disappearing for a few weeks. That makes up for it, yes? That loud no and shaking of your head, or throwing your arms up in outrage signals to me that yes, it will make up for it. Thanks guys, appreciate it.

Enough with the rambling (or not really, considering my entire posts are just structured ramblings), and on with this weeks second topic. Which is…. spicy Chinese food. Yes, it’s a real hot topic. Eesh, sorry.

I bring this up as I found myself the other week in one of LA’s more cultural cities, an Asian one at that. (I’m not being racist here, it’s just where a lot of Asians live) We simply had to go to this one restaurant, hidden deep in the random onslaught of roadside plazas and stores along a main road. Considering it was near an Asian supermarket, a tapioca place (I’ll post about this more later as I have a newfound love in boba), a Hello Kitty store (they do exist, much to my amusement and dismay) and quite a few other restaurants, all Chinese or Vietnamese. Now, I do love a bit of spicy food but apparently my mouth disagrees to large amounts of the stuff, much to my annoyance. So when I realised, once I had been steered into a place that actually had the word ‘Chilli King’ in the restaurant name, I may be in for a treat and pain.

As the menu was entirely in Chinese, I sat and browsed the pictures while entrusting my lunch/dinner meal to my dining partner. Yes, they should give out medals for that kind of bravery. So, what was ordered?

Frog. Pig’s feet. And chicken. Oh, and numerous glasses of water. Our waitress gave up on refilling our glasses and brought over an entire carafe. Of those, I touched the frog, as it was just a tiny bit too spicy and eating it would take too long between gulping for water and waiting for the fire to die down slightly before resuming. My chicken dish was the least spicy of them all, and I really enjoyed it. Still needed plenty of water though. The pig’s feet (I’ve tried them before, they aren’t bad but usually prepared uber spicy) I left entirely to my dining partner. The verdict? Yum! I’m keen to return. After my mouth recovers.
spicy pig's feet dish

Maybe not so literally served…

Short post but pushing out two after so long has been difficult. How do you do with spicy food? Eaten anything interesting in that department? Let me know, I’m in need of a spicy food training partner. Sure we’ll burn our tongues so the conversation won’t be that great, but the food will be good at least? No promises on the frequency of posting but things should return to normal when I go home. (Yes I’m still in America, wish I could stay but they’ll kick me out if I’m here much longer) Until then, you’re stuck with posts about Chilli King restaurants. Suckers, you came back to read this thinking it’d be something decent.

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Supersized Scrutiny Sunday Section 1: Seals

January 31, 2011

I’m back.

Leading a super busy holiday life without a functioning keyboard/constant internet access makes posting frequently a bit hard. But, I will persevere and this Sunday will be a double post to make up for missing last weeks (and the previous weeks, but at least I posted something those days).

First topic for Scrutiny Sunday this week is… drumroll please, I know you’ve all been missing these…

seal seals sea lion drawing

The seal wasn’t exactly this colour, but it had this expression

Yes, those mammilian aquatic beings that honk/yell AWR AWR AWR given any chance. Slippery suckers. The place I stayed last was right near the shore of a particular bay. We checked in, sorted out our things and went up to the room. Only to hear a strange noise occasionally, that made us stop everything and listen the first few times.

“That sounds like… can it be a seal?”

“Well, we are near the ocean but… maybe it’s something else?”

“…What else makes that kind of noise?”

“Your singing voice!”

Yep, I retain my wit even in unfamiliar territory.

The following day we went down to the beach/wharf/pier at sunset to snap a few shots and have a look around. The noises are louder now and appear to be coming from somewhere close, but I still can’t see that damn seal. I scanned the water eagerly to no avail. Giving up and accepting the fact that maybe seals can now become invisible, we continued walking around looking for a restaurant to eat at. We stopped at a bench to take another photo, and then I heard it. Coming from extremely close by. I look over to the left and hey presto, there’s a seal. In an aquarium tank. But wait, there’s two in there! Yes, our wild invisible seals turned out to be residents of a mini aquarium/shop, and were having fun sliding around, being all sealy, and yes, loudly AWR AWR AWRing at every chance.

A quick guide to when seals (or sea lions, I ignorantly use the terms interchangeably) ‘bark’ (go AWR AWR AWR)

  • When they look at youz
  • When you look at them
  • When they look at each other
  • Before they slide down their ramp
  • After they slide down their ramp
  • Before they dive into the pool
  • After they emerge from the pool
  • Randomly without cause

Now you know. But they were cute and amusing to watch. Noisy things. At least they aren’t invisible?

Click here for section 2. Do it!

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Scrutiny Sunday Soon

January 17, 2011

So, the promised post never came. My keyboard is broken and this is all typed using the on-screen keyboard. So so painful. Back to regular posting soon I hope. Once I get a temporary one or fix this. Likely the former. See you soon hopefully!


Scrutiny Sunday Salvaged

January 10, 2011

Scrutiny Sunday will be late this week but only because of ‘internet issues’. Will update later and pretend I posted today. Ok? Ok. See you soon!

No standing or Scrutiny Sunday