MoS? What’s a MoS?

July 17, 2011

I’m so incredibly rude.

I left my whole <10 readers without so much as a goodbye. And it’s been months. Some probably shook their head and wrote it off as the inevitable¬† internet blog writer disappearance. Some might have even noticed I was gone! Some might have even missed me. Aww, shucks.

Regardless of how you felt/reacted, I do apologize for the sudden up and ago. I can imagine the questions this caused.

“Did she get eaten by wild Australian EVIL CRAZY PREDATORY ANIMALS?!”

“Did she die heroically saving no less than a hundred orphans from a burning building during an earthquake and/or evil genius plot?”

“Where is she? How can she do this? -remove from RSS feed-”

“Can it be…z-z-zombies?”

“Musicofshadows who?”

All are valid questions. Simple answer is, I got busy and blogging became a chore. Rather than submitting to the vicious cycle I simply dropped it all. I didn’t log in, I stopped checking other blogs (a mistake, I’ve missed so much awesome content), and forgot. Of course I didn’t fully forget, and was even tempted to log on and post occasionally or at least post saying “hey, taking some time off”. But I didn’t. Oops.

I’m not sure if I’m back, I am feeling drawn in again though. We’ll see. Keep your eyes peeled, but not too closely. No fanfare dramatic re-entry just yet, I’m afraid. But maybe.

Maybe it’s time for a return.


Chocolate ninjas, bars of soap and dancing like a chicken

April 9, 2011

It hasn’t been a particularly interesting week this week. Granted, I managed to hurt my neck opening a bar of soap and jam only the very tip of my finger in the front door whilst attempting to open it carrying 10 bags of shopping in, but these are less interesting and more… downright silly. Don’t ask how either happened, especially the first.

Other things of note:

I told Miss Amazing that she should think she’s attractive (she is), but “maybe like, not fully believe it just to stop you from ever like, becoming 10000kg blob like.” Why yes, I have a way with women.

I declared myself a chocolate ninja. This actually sounds suspiciously dirty, which wasn’t my intention (for once). What I meant is, when chocolate is around I can manage to eat a lot of it before anyone notices. Also, if someone attempts to steal chocolate off me, I use my superior skills to get it back.

The ninja intercept (click to enlarge)

I also scored a heap of free stuff at a Careers Fair. Everyone loves free stuff even if it’s useless and/or branded heavily with corporate logos. Here’s a sample of some things I got.

  • A beer cooler
  • A small thermos-like-yet-more-plasticy coffee holder
  • A level tool that doubles as a screwdriver AND a flashlight and looks like an oversized pen, but isn’t one.
  • Pens. Some with cool things attached, some interesting, most not.
  • Candy. Most of which I ate while I was there.
  • Stress balls in the form of a gold bar, and one in the shape of a cube.

There was more, but it’s not particularly interesting. I love how the stands with the most free stuff are more popular. Oh, and the highlight of the lot? I got a t-shirt. They weren’t just handing them out though. There was a small sign at the stand. “Dance for a shirt.” (ooo, dirty. No.)So, I did. Those poor people got graced with my interpretation of the chicken dance. But hey, we all do crazy things for free stuff right? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for free stuff?

Well, I suppose it was a pretty good week after all.

Spam Comments: What type are yours?

March 29, 2011

I’ve been meaning to do a post about spam, (I was about to make a ‘not the canned variety’ joke but it kinda is so I won’t) as a lot of it amuses me greatly. Granted, that’s not particularly hard to do but as anyone who has a blog allowing comments knows, spam happens.

There are approximately 4 types that I’d like to touch on. There’s more, but these make up the bulk of the automated comments that slip through the cracks (not a lot do, which is impressive). I realize this is largely stating the obvious but some people are unaware, and the rest of you can just nod silently, or loudly, or whatever it is you want to do. Not entirely sure how to nod loudly, but it’s entirely up to you! I’d list these in some sort of order, but it’s a lot more fun to list randomly.

TYPE A: The Sneaky

These are so crafty, they almost pass as legitimate comments. Almost, but I’m sometimes deeply suspicious of comments praising my work. (Yes, you should praise it but I do occasionally deflate my ego and boggle. It might be rare, but it happens.) Sometimes, they even relate slightly to the post content. Aha! Look at the suspicious site they’ve listed as their website and/or email! I’m onto you, crafty buggers. I’ll admit, if I’m feeling particularly needy, I’ll remove the email address and site and let it through. It’s nice to pretend to have more readers, you know?

Example: “Your post is very informative and helpful. This is a real issue. I have written much on this topic, you do good job”

TYPE B: The Crazy

These ones well… they’re hard to define other than wtf comments. Usually glaringly out of place in regards to the post they’re commenting on. There’s one in my spam queue right now.

Example: “japan is in a crisis right now”

Example: “oh yea hazelnut”

Example: “What is your day?”

The first one isn’t crazy in and of itself, but it’s location on a post I made about lizards weeks ago is. A thing to note though, this comments may genuinely be your readers messing with you. This type I’m tempted to let through as well, just for how out of place they are.

TYPE C: The Babbler

Random words put together in hope it’ll look like sentences. It’s actually quite fun to make some of these up myself. You should give it a try.

Good example: “And woman she went door cat, random stalled at and a touch banana wenaever.”

Bad example: “The lady went outside cat bird fish cucumber.”

Real example: “Later of they was even the empty designer, and even of he wrapped her second handbag to approach its to call luxury replica. It buzzed many of replica tamed tightly wiped sure wrist as watches into lou when sl*t stuffed you, all each many”

In the good example, we see no sentence structure whatsoever, random words and misspellings. These are the signs of a good type C spam comment. The second example ends well, but makes sense initially so it’s not acceptable. The third is a real comment that continued on for 4 large paragraphs after that snippet. Sheesh.

TYPE D: The Phisherman

These are your most obvious spam. Most spam filters do a good job of catching these nowadays but an occasional one surfaces every now and then. Often just a phishing link, they may add poorly spelled words as well. Or reference Viagra. Cheap. Hmm..

Example: “try it now <phishinglink>”

That about wraps it up, if you’ve got any novel spam comments to share please do so, there’s some truly hilarious ones out there and I’d love to hear them. Ever get tempted to let a few choice comments through? I forgot to save a lot of mine and by the time I got around to writing this up they’d all disappeared. Lucky I made fancy animations right?

That Flipping Picture!

March 28, 2011

Since I haven’t written anything of substance (which isn’t unusual for my blog), I’m posting random drawings I did at some point.

“Because when you don’t know what to post, post random.”

a rain cloud drawingA rain cloud. Cute, but uninteresting




an upside down rain cloud turned into a parachuteTurn it upside down, and you get a bunch of little men parachuting.


Back to regular programming soon. Even though I do enjoy being “creative” in Paint.

Christmas Chatter

December 26, 2010

I really have absolutely nothing of value to say today, not so much as a speck of a post planned out either. This’ll just be a quick post, because who posts on Christmas?! (Hint: I do.) Christmas back home is a traditional affair, with the tree, stockings, presents, a roast lunch complete with crackers that have ridiculous paper hats and terrible terrible jokes (What do you call Santa when he’s stopped? Santa Pause.) And cheap toys. But maybe we buy them too cheap.

Bon bons/Christmas crackers


Here, our Christmas Eve was spent drinking Christmas cocktails (ie they had candy canes in them). Mmmm. I might even share the recipe later. And our Christmas Day is… underway. Reports later.

Christmas cocktail

They’re even a festive green colour!

With that (little) said, Merry Christmas to my readers (yep, you’re mine now!), hope you are having a fantastic day! Or even just a better than normal one. I’d give you presents but I’m terrible at shopping so you will get my well wishes as a present. Take that! I’ll even throw in a bonus festive ‘Seasons Greetings!’ Aren’t you the lucky ones.

Packing Predicaments and Procrastination

November 23, 2010

Right, I’ve convinced myself to post once more from Australian soil before I leave. Which is why I’m sitting in my backyard on a heap of dirt.¬† Not really. Alas, the packing process has nearly come to an end! I mentioned some of my packing dramas on Sunday in a captivating piece of writing (Not really) but I forgot to mention the closing stages involved in packing a suitcase.

After you reach the ‘everything is finally in or near the suitcase’ stage, it’s time for procrastination. You’re close enough to being fully packed that it’s ok to take some time off, but also not fully packed so you should really just finish. (That’s what she said. OhyeaIwentthere).

It was also sometime during this procrastination that all enthusiasm for packing, what little of it there was, disappeared entirely. I also had the following exchange with my mother after we discussed random events and happenings and she went to leave the room.

Me: “Haaaaaaaalp” -lies helplessly on the bed motionless- “Help me pack!”

Mum: “No. I’m going to get something to eat.”

Me: “But I can’t do it by myself anymore. There is no hope!” -dramatic flop-

Mum: “…Too bad.” -she leaves-

Me: “DON’T LEAVE ME!” -overly dramatic arm extending in her direction-

Mum: -walks back into the room to give me THE LOOK that says ‘Wtf are you on’. Laughs then leaves.-

I didn’t even bother pretending to sulk. I just went back to procrastinate more. And imagined this happening.


It’d save me having to pack?

But it didn’t. I finished packing eventually, weighed my bag, took a few things out, and should be set to go. Except now that last stage of packing has set in. Where every item you happen to see, you consider its worth and value as an item that has to be packed. This is good and bad.

Do I pack this? Item 1.


Do I pack this? Item 2.


Do I pack this? Item 3.

HELL YEA- I dont need it though. So no..aww.

This process goes on until I leave. And even then I do it in the car. “Do I need that half eaten breath min-” Just kidding. Maybe.

Random interruption that has nothing to do with any of this, except falls in the procrastination category maybe, I nearly provoked a fight with an old lady. I’m so tough. Context: Someone is annoyed as their grandma doesn’t want them to leave to see me.

Them: My grandma doesn’t want me to leave?

Me: Ah. I’ll fight her for you. Wait. Not that I’m suggesting violence against little old Chinese ladies.

Them: :C

Me: Maybe we’ll fight in some sort of game I’d win. A sprint across the lounge room. Or scrabble. How is she at blackjack?

Them: Better than you.

Me: Hmm. Not blackjack then. Maybe Halo. I think I’d win at Halo. Unless she has unexpected coordination with modern gaming systems. Maybe I should just fight her to see who can be under 30 years old. Yeaaabitch. I mean. Unlucky grandma. Grandkid is all mine. Sorry. See ya!

Yep. So, without further ado or grandma threatening, I’m off to CALIFORNIA BABY. Women with whipped cream cans on their boobs galore. See you on the other side. (Of the Pacific. Der. I hope.)

That sickly feeling

November 19, 2010

I’ve been slacker than usual with my posting, but this time I have a legitimate excuse. I’ve been sick.

Now I’m one of those ‘psh, pain, what pain?’ kinda people, or at least pretend to be, but sometimes when you get sick all you can do is act as pathetic as possible to get those sympathy votes. At least this time the amount of real agony made it easier to pretend fake agony. My acting skills aren’t as honed as I’d like to think.

I tried to drag myself to my keyboard for you, I really did. All that managed to get transcribed was something along the lines of “i’msicjfhsj===” Which I will admit, is legendary post material in and of itself BUT unfortunately hitting the ‘Publish’ button proved too difficult. All I ended up doing was closing the window before I doubled over in agony once more. A shame really. Now, in the spirit of not whining about how bad it was and the troubles it caused me, on with a picture.

sick in bed

I tried. But not too hard.

I actually don’t have a lot to say in this post but be warned, more content is on the way now I’m on holidays. You’ll be thrilled by my tales of adventure next week as well when I journey for thirteen grueling hours across the Pacific Ocean in a cushioned seat on a plane. Google might tell me otherwise but air travel is the way to go for me. Better not forget to pack my scarf.