MoS? What’s a MoS?

I’m so incredibly rude.

I left my whole <10 readers without so much as a goodbye. And it’s been months. Some probably shook their head and wrote it off as the inevitable  internet blog writer disappearance. Some might have even noticed I was gone! Some might have even missed me. Aww, shucks.

Regardless of how you felt/reacted, I do apologize for the sudden up and ago. I can imagine the questions this caused.

“Did she get eaten by wild Australian EVIL CRAZY PREDATORY ANIMALS?!”

“Did she die heroically saving no less than a hundred orphans from a burning building during an earthquake and/or evil genius plot?”

“Where is she? How can she do this? -remove from RSS feed-”

“Can it be…z-z-zombies?”

“Musicofshadows who?”

All are valid questions. Simple answer is, I got busy and blogging became a chore. Rather than submitting to the vicious cycle I simply dropped it all. I didn’t log in, I stopped checking other blogs (a mistake, I’ve missed so much awesome content), and forgot. Of course I didn’t fully forget, and was even tempted to log on and post occasionally or at least post saying “hey, taking some time off”. But I didn’t. Oops.

I’m not sure if I’m back, I am feeling drawn in again though. We’ll see. Keep your eyes peeled, but not too closely. No fanfare dramatic re-entry just yet, I’m afraid. But maybe.

Maybe it’s time for a return.


4 Responses to MoS? What’s a MoS?

  1. TS Hendrik says:

    I think I remember you. You’re the one with the thing, whatchacallit… Kangaroo? I like kangaroos.

    • TS! The one with the kangaroo, spot on. Was just heading over to your site soon (I need to sit down and read properly though, unlike the other two in the Terrific Trio I assume you’ve written loads.)

      I too like kangaroos. I was pleasantly surprised by my ability to draw one that actually looked like one. Good to see you!

  2. CorruptCamel says:

    It’s funny how the art of blogging can fall out of our regular rhythm or routine, but masturbating, like a good friend, is always there. Always going strong.

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