Chocolate ninjas, bars of soap and dancing like a chicken

It hasn’t been a particularly interesting week this week. Granted, I managed to hurt my neck opening a bar of soap and jam only the very tip of my finger in the front door whilst attempting to open it carrying 10 bags of shopping in, but these are less interesting and more… downright silly. Don’t ask how either happened, especially the first.

Other things of note:

I told Miss Amazing that she should think she’s attractive (she is), but “maybe like, not fully believe it just to stop you from ever like, becoming 10000kg blob like.” Why yes, I have a way with women.

I declared myself a chocolate ninja. This actually sounds suspiciously dirty, which wasn’t my intention (for once). What I meant is, when chocolate is around I can manage to eat a lot of it before anyone notices. Also, if someone attempts to steal chocolate off me, I use my superior skills to get it back.

The ninja intercept (click to enlarge)

I also scored a heap of free stuff at a Careers Fair. Everyone loves free stuff even if it’s useless and/or branded heavily with corporate logos. Here’s a sample of some things I got.

  • A beer cooler
  • A small thermos-like-yet-more-plasticy coffee holder
  • A level tool that doubles as a screwdriver AND a flashlight and looks like an oversized pen, but isn’t one.
  • Pens. Some with cool things attached, some interesting, most not.
  • Candy. Most of which I ate while I was there.
  • Stress balls in the form of a gold bar, and one in the shape of a cube.

There was more, but it’s not particularly interesting. I love how the stands with the most free stuff are more popular. Oh, and the highlight of the lot? I got a t-shirt. They weren’t just handing them out though. There was a small sign at the stand. “Dance for a shirt.” (ooo, dirty. No.)So, I did. Those poor people got graced with my interpretation of the chicken dance. But hey, we all do crazy things for free stuff right? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for free stuff?

Well, I suppose it was a pretty good week after all.


9 Responses to Chocolate ninjas, bars of soap and dancing like a chicken

  1. Man, for having a dull week you sure did come up with a catchy title! I think I’d like to have that gift – – – the gift of morphing my dull weeks into catchy titles!!!

    We all KNOW our titles have A LOT to do with who just sees our blog in their follow list and who actually clicks on over!

    • This is true, I was struggling for a title then just decided to take random sounding bits from my post and voila! You’re welcome to try it.

      I’ll do this one for you free of charge from a quick glance at your posts this week: Blankets, Bats and Boxes. See? Ridiculous sounding but still relevant. Bonus points for alliteration.

    • Actually… double bonus alliteration points for Blanket (cover-stealing), (clinging) Bats and (charity) Boxes.

  2. Cotton says:

    I do NOT like free stuff. I don’t like stuff period. I will take a pen that works, and certainly candy, although I know I shouldn’t. But stuff? Noooo, keep the stuff FAR away from me.

    Your opinion might change too, if ever there comes a day that you sprout a couple of kiddos, and have a mama cow of your own, all bringing in their own chicken dance obtained stuff… and you’re the one that’s got to pick it up.

    Nope, at this point in my life, I pretty much hate stuff. The free, the gifted, and the paid for. I hate it all.

    But am so thankful to finally know someone who loves free stuff! I’ve got a boatload to send you, and I won’t even make you dance for it. Wonder how much shipping to Australia runs?

    • How can anyone hate free stuff?! I cannot comprehend. I suppose you might have a point since you don’t like any STUFF, free stuff included. We can still be friends.

      We can be better friends if you send me a boatload of stuff. Shipping, not a clue.

  3. TS Hendrik says:

    I wish you’d made a comic of you chicken dancing. I’d like to see a stick figure dance.

    I have a bad habit of collecting tourist brochures. Something about the pointless information for places I never intend to visit, draws me to them.

    • Hmm, I’ll work on it! I know what you mean about the brochures, especially if there’s one of those racks that holds hundreds of them. I can resist them now though, what do you end up doing with them all? Anything nifty?

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