That Flipping Picture!

Since I haven’t written anything of substance (which isn’t unusual for my blog), I’m posting random drawings I did at some point.

“Because when you don’t know what to post, post random.”

a rain cloud drawingA rain cloud. Cute, but uninteresting




an upside down rain cloud turned into a parachuteTurn it upside down, and you get a bunch of little men parachuting.


Back to regular programming soon. Even though I do enjoy being “creative” in Paint.


5 Responses to That Flipping Picture!

  1. Cotton says:

    Yes, It’s the “substance” that keeps me coming back. Glad you parachuted in on time!

  2. Cotton says:

    ah ha ha… I just got the title of this post. funny

    what? I was tired this weekend.

  3. TS Hendrik says:

    That is hilarious. Paint is just fun to mess around with.

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