Supersized Scrutiny Sunday Section 2: Spice

Welcome back. Or forward. (See here for section 1.)

Thus begins the second section of Scrutiny Sunday, what a bonus! TWO posts in one day to make up for disappearing for a few weeks. That makes up for it, yes? That loud no and shaking of your head, or throwing your arms up in outrage signals to me that yes, it will make up for it. Thanks guys, appreciate it.

Enough with the rambling (or not really, considering my entire posts are just structured ramblings), and on with this weeks second topic. Which is…. spicy Chinese food. Yes, it’s a real hot topic. Eesh, sorry.

I bring this up as I found myself the other week in one of LA’s more cultural cities, an Asian one at that. (I’m not being racist here, it’s just where a lot of Asians live) We simply had to go to this one restaurant, hidden deep in the random onslaught of roadside plazas and stores along a main road. Considering it was near an Asian supermarket, a tapioca place (I’ll post about this more later as I have a newfound love in boba), a Hello Kitty store (they do exist, much to my amusement and dismay) and quite a few other restaurants, all Chinese or Vietnamese. Now, I do love a bit of spicy food but apparently my mouth disagrees to large amounts of the stuff, much to my annoyance. So when I realised, once I had been steered into a place that actually had the word ‘Chilli King’ in the restaurant name, I may be in for a treat and pain.

As the menu was entirely in Chinese, I sat and browsed the pictures while entrusting my lunch/dinner meal to my dining partner. Yes, they should give out medals for that kind of bravery. So, what was ordered?

Frog. Pig’s feet. And chicken. Oh, and numerous glasses of water. Our waitress gave up on refilling our glasses and brought over an entire carafe. Of those, I touched the frog, as it was just a tiny bit too spicy and eating it would take too long between gulping for water and waiting for the fire to die down slightly before resuming. My chicken dish was the least spicy of them all, and I really enjoyed it. Still needed plenty of water though. The pig’s feet (I’ve tried them before, they aren’t bad but usually prepared uber spicy) I left entirely to my dining partner. The verdict? Yum! I’m keen to return. After my mouth recovers.
spicy pig's feet dish

Maybe not so literally served…

Short post but pushing out two after so long has been difficult. How do you do with spicy food? Eaten anything interesting in that department? Let me know, I’m in need of a spicy food training partner. Sure we’ll burn our tongues so the conversation won’t be that great, but the food will be good at least? No promises on the frequency of posting but things should return to normal when I go home. (Yes I’m still in America, wish I could stay but they’ll kick me out if I’m here much longer) Until then, you’re stuck with posts about Chilli King restaurants. Suckers, you came back to read this thinking it’d be something decent.

Scrutiny Sundays are a creation of Reputation@Stake over at The Stupid Bet, share your link if you’re participating so I/he/we can all devour spicy animals toge- or just so I can share it as well.


2 Responses to Supersized Scrutiny Sunday Section 2: Spice

  1. Susan likes spicier foods than me (I always look for the word “mild”), but even she has never had pigs feet. I might try them if they were prepared properly, but I’d bring along a barf-bag too.

    • Yea, pigs feet are a bit of a hit and miss with me, my adventurous side wants to try, my low tolerance for spicy food disagrees, and the part of me that can’t get over how some of it looks like fat (it isn’t apparently) is the swing vote for avoiding them.

      Ms Amazing however, has no such hesitations.

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