Supersized Scrutiny Sunday Section 1: Seals

I’m back.

Leading a super busy holiday life without a functioning keyboard/constant internet access makes posting frequently a bit hard. But, I will persevere and this Sunday will be a double post to make up for missing last weeks (and the previous weeks, but at least I posted something those days).

First topic for Scrutiny Sunday this week is… drumroll please, I know you’ve all been missing these…

seal seals sea lion drawing

The seal wasn’t exactly this colour, but it had this expression

Yes, those mammilian aquatic beings that honk/yell AWR AWR AWR given any chance. Slippery suckers. The place I stayed last was right near the shore of a particular bay. We checked in, sorted out our things and went up to the room. Only to hear a strange noise occasionally, that made us stop everything and listen the first few times.

“That sounds like… can it be a seal?”

“Well, we are near the ocean but… maybe it’s something else?”

“…What else makes that kind of noise?”

“Your singing voice!”

Yep, I retain my wit even in unfamiliar territory.

The following day we went down to the beach/wharf/pier at sunset to snap a few shots and have a look around. The noises are louder now and appear to be coming from somewhere close, but I still can’t see that damn seal. I scanned the water eagerly to no avail. Giving up and accepting the fact that maybe seals can now become invisible, we continued walking around looking for a restaurant to eat at. We stopped at a bench to take another photo, and then I heard it. Coming from extremely close by. I look over to the left and hey presto, there’s a seal. In an aquarium tank. But wait, there’s two in there! Yes, our wild invisible seals turned out to be residents of a mini aquarium/shop, and were having fun sliding around, being all sealy, and yes, loudly AWR AWR AWRing at every chance.

A quick guide to when seals (or sea lions, I ignorantly use the terms interchangeably) ‘bark’ (go AWR AWR AWR)

  • When they look at youz
  • When you look at them
  • When they look at each other
  • Before they slide down their ramp
  • After they slide down their ramp
  • Before they dive into the pool
  • After they emerge from the pool
  • Randomly without cause

Now you know. But they were cute and amusing to watch. Noisy things. At least they aren’t invisible?

Click here for section 2. Do it!

Scrutiny Sundays are a creation of Reputation@Stake over at The Stupid Bet, share your link if you’re participating so I/he/we can all battle invisible seals toge- or just so I can share it as well.


2 Responses to Supersized Scrutiny Sunday Section 1: Seals

  1. Clearly I haven’t spent enough time with seals.

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