Savage Scrutiny Sunday

Got a few hours left to make a Scrutiny Sunday post, and don’t have anything to talk about. Ahh, the downside of being completely lazy on holidays and not doing much at all. Posts have thinned back to once a week, which happens to fall in nicely with WordPress’s DailyWeekly Post deal. I think it’s sorta keeping on doing what I’m already doing, but that still counts right? Sorta like when you do absolutely nothing out of the ordinary and get rewarded for it, in the supermarket for example. Ten bars of Hersheys chocolate for ten dollars! I was already going to buy ten bars, this saves me heaps! (Yes, I really do buy that much chocolate. Mmmm.)

On with the Scrutiny Sunday details! This week, I’m calling on your help to solve a mystery.

I was innocently hanging out the washing in the backyard (on one of the sunny days, boo cold weather) and this dog will not stop barking at me. I continue on with the task at hand, then turn around to see where this dog is (and take aim… just kidding.) This may surprise you, but the dog had actually… I’ll let you see for yourself.

Creature on the roof dog
Can you spot the creature in this picture?

Yes. The dog is actually standing on the roof. This beast wanted so badly to bark at me within direct line of sight that it scaled a roof.

evil dog on the roof
Demon dog

Just look at it’s glaring red eyes, razor sharp teeth glistening with drool, and demonic expression. Perhaps it needed line of sight so it could SHOOT ME WITH ITS LASER EYES or HURL A FIREBALL AT ME. Luckily, I gestured appropriately to tell it where to go so it refrained from using its powers and just continued to bark. And bark. And bark some more.

Once, there was a stray dog in my backyard back home. I, being the animal expert I pretend to be, walked out there and attempted to shoo it away. I, being the non animal expert and in the way of said dog’s vacation in our yard, instantly became a dinner option. You know how you hear stories of women lifting cars due to adrenaline? I hurdled, yes hurdled, a fence taller than I was at the time. Witnesses immediately found the comedic value in this too much to handle and fell over laughing while I wondered how on earth I cleared the fence, only touching it to spring off the top of it. I’m going to pretend it was due to my super powers and not how scared I was when that dog lunged at me.

fence hop dog me
Ok so I didn’t want to draw a dog. You get the idea.

Back to the rooftop wandering mutt. I’m onto you dog. Maybe that’s why you didn’t unleash your powers. I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE THOUGH, so -oh damn it knows where I’m staying too. Luckily its powers don’t seem to extend to jumping off the roof towards me. I’m safe for now. Just have to be extra aware when I attempt to hang out my underwear and tshirts on the line. Bring it on, dog!

Oh and the mystery? How’d the dog get there? What superpower does it possess? Why am I posting while slightly inebriated?

UPDATE: Google Reader says I’m at 1.9 posts a week. Totally cool for this postaweekthing…

Scrutiny Sundays are a creation of Reputation@Stake over at The Stupid Bet, share your link if you’re participating so I/he/we can all warn the world about these dangerous dogs- or just so I can share it as well.


8 Responses to Savage Scrutiny Sunday

  1. Cotton says:

    Mosey Baby! I’m so glad you stopped by! I get super sidetracked with daily life and sometimes neglect some really great blogs out in blog land, but your funny comment snapped me out of it. So, I was able to be wowed by your superhuman feat, freaked out by that horrifying dog-like creature and finally delighted by how goofy you two must have looked together. I was about to ask about you saying it was cold there, when I thought this was your summer, but then I remembered that you’re a giant baby when it comes to being cold (as am I) so it probably is summer…

    Am I rambling? I feel like I am rambling. Is rambling even a word. I don’t know. I feel confused.

    • Still in LA is how it’s still cold. But admittedly, I am quite a sook so you can be forgiven for thinking I was cold in summer.

      Glad to hear from you, I’ve been sidetracked too. Killer dogs and all. And rambling is a word…a good one. Keep rambling I say!

  2. TS Hendrik says:

    Great, now you’re making me rethink my previous stance about dogs on rooftops. Silly statement, but it has substance behind it. Last month my brother and I were driving down the road when he stopped and started backing up the truck. He swore that he had seen a dog standing on a rooftop. We didn’t find it and I called him crazy saying no self respecting dog would hop onto a roof.

    Clearly I was wrong. It must have been one of your devil dog breed.

    • Oh no, they’re everywhere. This dog situation is worse than I thought. Forget zombocolypse, think dogopolypse. Nice trick on the dogs behalf distracting us with zombies. While really, they stand on rooftops… watching… barking… planning. Yikes!

      Shame on you for not believing him. Even though I totally wouldn’t have either.

  3. Maybe only Cotton can answer this, but can dogs ramble? What about if they’re on rooftops?

    Actually I much prefer dogs to be on roofs. They can’t bite me from up there. Drool on me, maybe, but not bite. Plus, if I choose to taunt a demon dog, they have to find a way down, which gives me a head start in my attempt to flee. And, yes, when fleeing, fences are much easier to get over.

  4. The 10 hersheys thing … it’s like you’re in my MIND!

    Don’t really have anything good to say – just enjoyed reading this.

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