Scrutiny Sunday Steam

Zombie steam games

I’ve been playing a few games lately, and a lot of these are through Steam so I decided to play all the Zombie games I could (which ended up being 3 demos and 2 games because as much as I love zombies I don’t want to pay for games just for research.)

Amazingly they were all very different from each other. So, let’s move on with the games shall we?

Stubbs zombie demo title

1.Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

This game is an action game, where you control Stubbs the Zombie (a no brainer) (terrible pun, forgive me). Enter Stubbs:

Stubbs the zombie demo

Yes, he is riding a sheep.

I didn’t get too far into this one but it did seem pretty fun and humorous, as you make your way around, biting/feeding off people which turns them too into zombies. You can also use your belch as a weapon.
Stubbs the zombie demo gameplay

Omnomnom brains

Graphically ok, storyline seemed ok, I’m not used to reviewing games so I’ll just say if it’s your thing, try the demo for at least a few minutes amusement.

Zombie bowl o rama demo

2. Zombie Bowl-o-Rama

As the title suggests, this is a bowling game where you play against zombies. Aaand, the pins are zombies.
Zombie bowl o rama gameplay demo


Amusing game of this kind, and there are pickups you can collect which either help you or hinder the zombies to make it not just a bowling simulation.

Zombie bowl o rama gameplay demo

Hands off, zombies!

Again, fun for a few minutes and it’s not too large of a download. And of course, zombies!


zombie shooter demo
3.Zombie Shooter

Classic arcade style isometric shooter game. A bit bland, but feels old school which can be enough in and of itself.

zombie shooter demo gameplay


Once again good for a few minutes especially if you’re into shooter games like this one.

zombie shooter demo gameplay

Ahh, pixelated zombie blood

Old style graphics, variety of different zombies and maps. Plus the little dude looks so badass in that gun slinging pose.

Zombie Driver demo
4. Zombie Driver

A driving zombie game with some semblance of a plot, in which you are tasked with rescuing survivors. In your car. You unlock different cars along the way, and face tougher enemies and larger numbers.
zombie driver gameplay

Oh shi- where is my flamethrower?!

A lot of fun, even if only for the smashing through zombies with your car effect. Pulling a handbrake turn wiping out a score of zombies in the process is strangely satisfying.
zombie driver gameplay 2

Here comes the fatman zombie..

I ended up buying this one and had a lot of fun, there is the campaign in which you unlock different vehicles but also challenge modes where you get pitted against wave after wave of zombies and get rewarded with various upgrades (flamethrowers, missile launchers and the like.) Mow down them zombies, I say!


plants vs zombies game

5. Plants VS Zombies

This is a nifty tower defense game that I ended up buying because it was so cool. Has all the usual elements of TD games with zombies, and it’s really well done.

Plants vs Zombies gameplay

There’s also a MJ zombie

With quirky plant names and increasingly challenging levels, I’d recommend trying this demo as it’s a great game.

Plants vs Zombies gameplay walnut


There’s even a music video with a catchy little song. Oh, and the slogan? “Get ready to soil your plants!”

That wraps up the Steam zombie demo games edition of Scrutiny Sunday, hopefully the large amount of pictures once again distracts from lack of actual content. That and the fact I’m a terrible reviewer I think, might have to leave that up to TS over at The Non-Review. As I said yesterday, hope your holidays went well regardless of how you celebrate or refuse to and I hope I was right in avoiding Boxing Day sales even though a tiny part of me really really wanted to go. Too late now!

Scrutiny Sundays are a creation of Reputation@Stake over at The Stupid Bet, share your link if you’re participating so I/he/we can all defeat pixel zombies toge- or just so I can share it as well.


2 Responses to Scrutiny Sunday Steam

  1. Zombies are much more versatile than I thought. I figured they could probably shoot, but had no idea they could drive a car, much less bowl. Maybe the Zompocalypse will be more fun than I expected.

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