Christmas Chatter

I really have absolutely nothing of value to say today, not so much as a speck of a post planned out either. This’ll just be a quick post, because who posts on Christmas?! (Hint: I do.) Christmas back home is a traditional affair, with the tree, stockings, presents, a roast lunch complete with crackers that have ridiculous paper hats and terrible terrible jokes (What do you call Santa when he’s stopped? Santa Pause.) And cheap toys. But maybe we buy them too cheap.

Bon bons/Christmas crackers


Here, our Christmas Eve was spent drinking Christmas cocktails (ie they had candy canes in them). Mmmm. I might even share the recipe later. And our Christmas Day is… underway. Reports later.

Christmas cocktail

They’re even a festive green colour!

With that (little) said, Merry Christmas to my readers (yep, you’re mine now!), hope you are having a fantastic day! Or even just a better than normal one. I’d give you presents but I’m terrible at shopping so you will get my well wishes as a present. Take that! I’ll even throw in a bonus festive ‘Seasons Greetings!’ Aren’t you the lucky ones.


3 Responses to Christmas Chatter

  1. Thank you for the Well-Wishes that you sent me as my Christmas gift. Unfortunately two of the Well-Wishes that you sent arrived damaged, and a third one later broke. So, I was just wondering what kind of refund policy you have.

    • Unfortunately, the policy was set to allow exchanges but was changed when my lawyer realised just how faulty my well-wishes are. Luckily they are (almost) free to produce, your new ones are in the mail.

  2. Cool. Thanks.

    And I hope you don’t mind, but I may re-gift some of them. But only some.

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