Sagacious Scrutiny Sunday

I’ve been slacking on the posts lately, all I’m going to say is I’m on holidays. No excuses needed! Not feeling particularly inspired at this particular moment, it’s raining and therefore freezing. I’m wearing three shirts, a jumper, a ski jacket, shorts, long pants, a pair of ordinary socks, a pair of hockey socks and have a blanket on. To think I want to see snow, too. Brr.

Anyhow, I stumbled across this site which is about design ideas and isn’t as boring as that sounds (to anyone who got bored by that title). It’s called Dornob and features all sorts of innovative and interesting design ideas in a range of fields.

Ever have trouble measuring things, and wish there was a simpler way?

Hand measuring toolTry the Digital tape measure. You can put them on fingers of the same hand, different hands, or give one to someone else across the room. Saves you from using that arm measurement I know at least some people do. (“Now it’s from about my elbow to my palm…”) Nifty, right?

Ever sit in your rocking chair and think, I wish I could save more electricity?

Rocking chair electricity

Now you can, with this Rocking chair powered lamp. You sit there, rocking away, and it powers your reading lamp. Good for…  if you rock and read, I personally don’t have a rocking chair and prefer the couch or the bed but… it’s still a novel idea.


Ever been stuck somewhere with just your wallet on you and wished you had a light source?
Portable small flashlightWith this credit card sized light, you can! Granted we usually have phones or iphones to use for illumination but given its size this seems like a cool idea. It isn’t overly powerful or long-lasting but it is a great small light, would be helpful in some situations. (The only examples I could think of here involved zombies.)

Ever wanted to change the colour or pattern of your walls without repainting?

Colour changing wallpaperNow you can! This wallpaper pattern works with heat activated paint. As it gets hotter, out come the flowers. Or whatever you wish to appear on your walls in the summer months.

Ok, how about those times you end up with a cold cup of coffee?
hot water drink heater
Never fear, with this portable battery powered drink heater you can heat up a drink in no time (or some time, not entirely sure how long it takes) right at your desk! Ooer!



Ok, so it’s pretty evident I’m out of ideas for posts today and I’m focusing on other people’s ideas. This kind of thing does interest me though, different design ideas and gadgets in different aspects of life. There’s plenty on that site to check out, some I didn’t show include a changeable dress made of zippers, self drying plates and wall carpets (did you ever run your hand through the carpet to make different patterns? This takes it to a whole new level.)

Aaand that’s about it for this Scrutiny Sunday, tune in next week for more… scrutinizing? That’s assuming I post, which I will try as I bet you guys are really missing me (about time she shut up ay?) Kinda like when you promise to try to get around to doing the laundry. Only difference is writing posts isn’t a chore (sometimes.) Perhaps a Christmas themed post to come, we’ll see. I’m not sure you’ve all been good enough this year.

Scrutiny Sundays are a creation of Reputation@Stake over at The Stupid Bet, share your link if you’re participating so I/he/we can all create a super invention toge- or just so I can share it as well.


One Response to Sagacious Scrutiny Sunday

  1. I love inventions, no matter how small. Either it gives you a good idea, or it gives you something to laugh about. (There are a lot of dumb inventions out there.) Susan and I have seen, and liked, a show called “Shark Tank” and just started watching a show called “Pitchmen”. Both shows involve crazy inventions. So obviously I will be visiting the site you were scrutinizing. Thanks for mentioning it and reviewing it.

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