Cool things you have and we don’t [Part 2]

Time for some more USA lovin’ (no, not in that way. Sorry to disappoint.)

I love the KFC Double Down.

Yes, I’m late to the game in trying KFC’s double down. In my defense, it’s not available in Australia (that I am aware of).  But… It. Was. Awesome. Even if it looked slightly odd. Very tasty indeed, I’ll be making an effort not to visit KFC too often for risk of heart attack/clogged arteries/KFC inducted comas/etc though. Wasn’t as bad as I thought honestly, I was impressed.

KFC Double Down


That said, KFC in America is very different to KFC in Australia. I’m amazed at the amount of sides (mac and cheese?! Baked beans?! Rice?!) and that those scone/muffin like things are called ‘biscuits’. What also astounds me every visit is that they sell cake. CAKE. I am also very disappointed you guys don’t have chicken nuggets. Or chips (read: fries). KFC chicken nuggets are fantastic, and our chips come with chicken salt, fantastically tasty. And we have a lot more burger (read: sandwich) options. Our sides are limited to chips, potato and gravy, coleslaw and dinner rolls. But it doesn’t matter because that is more than enough for KFC. Always choose the chips. If you really want to ogle the differences, here’s the American menu, and here’s the Australian one. I hope you’ve noticed by now I love KFC in Australia (I even once said if someone took me to KFC and shouted me a nuggets and chips combo instead of to a restaurant as a date that’d be fine by me.) So it’s American counterpart, which I was very excited to check out, disappointed a little. With the shining (with grease) exception of the double down.

I also love Monster energy drinks. Before I discovered Monster, energy drinks always tasted terrible. They were just hard to drink, and the best of them still didn’t inspire one to keep sipping. I’d heard American friends talk about how good it was, and then one day at the supermarket, I saw it. The glowing green ‘M’ caught my gaze and I practically levitated across the aisle towards it. Ok, not really. But I was still impressed we had it, and even more impressed when I tasted it. So it’s not exclusively American, but we still don’t get all the flavours and it isn’t as widely stocked. Plus you guys made it so I’ll give credit where it is due.


Nectar of the Gods

In the spirit of not talking solely about food and drink (my glutton is showing), I also love that it’s well, USA. This part is hard to explain but every time I see a billboard promoting some celebrity or radio show, I’m reminded that I’m here in the US. This is the place where big companies are, the ‘big cheese’ if you will. All the tv shows, movies, default shipping options on websites… right here. I’ve only been to California and Nevada so far, but to be in such a big and dominant country hits home a lot. It’s USA, and I like it. (Of course there are things I hate, I’ll get to that later) I’m no star struck celebrity follower, but it is kinda cool to think that Hollywood is less than an hour away (depending on traffic, more), downtown LA is too. I almost feel in awe that I’m here. (I’d probably think this about any country but we’ll pretend it’s because it’s USA.) I do love my home country, but I am growing rather fond of USA.

If only because they have food and drink I like. And a few cool people live here too.


USA the big cheese

Literally a big cheese


See here for Part 1 of ‘Cool things you have and we don’t’.


4 Responses to Cool things you have and we don’t [Part 2]

  1. TS Hendrik says:

    KFC Nuggets? I might have to face my fears of fiery death and visit Australia. And I’m sure there’s other things there.

  2. What’s fun to hear you say (what? I hear lots of voices) is referring to us as just “USA”. When we refer to ourselves, it’s always “the USA”. But I bet you never refer to yourselves as Aussies (do you?) and I’ve always wondered if you have Outback Steakhouses down under. (Oops. There’s another one.) So we’ll just chalk that up to fun differences, but I draw the line at KFC nuggets. How can “Maccas” (how’s that?) have them and our KFCs don’t? That is totally unfair, and downright blasphemous.

    • Aussies, occasionally? Down Under, no. And no we don’t have Outback Steakhouses, you’d think it’d be because it’s themed Australian so no one would go, right? Nope, there are other Aussie themed restaurants here instead. Go figure. I’ve actually avoided Outback Steakhouses for fear of my face becoming stuck in a permanent cringing expression. But maybe I should anyway.

      PS. Nice slang usage there, you’ll fit in in no time. I’d better brush up on my skills, ‘the USA’ makes more sense than ‘USA’. Oops!

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