Scrutiny Sunday Showtime

I went to the movies on Friday. I’ve been more (twice) in the last month than I have in the last year. (Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.)

Unfortunately, we realised halfway there that the front door may not be locked, involving an attempt to turn around (not easy on a freeway) that led us into an unfamiliar neighbourhood in which we searched for an entrance ramp (more difficult than you’d think). Of course after getting stuck in traffic, we found one. One that led us back onto the freeway in the SAME direction we were just going. Sigh. And all the other cars on the way back (once we finally found a way) decided it’d be fun to spend some time to get to know each other. In other words, bumper to bumper traffic. And naturally, the door was locked after all.

We missed our intended screening time but decided the next one we might be able to make it to. We pulled into the shopping mall car park 10 minutes after the next one was due to start. Of course the traffic men with whistles helped our parking efforts.
Traffic controller doing his job

Yea, they stand there and blow their whistles and do this…

Traffic controller doing his dancing job

They look more like the are dancing

It was decided we’d see the movie anyway, we didn’t want to wait until the next screening. So, which of the delectable selection of current releases did I go see, paying top cinema dollar for?

I saw Burlesque. Yep, with Cher (who apparently doesn’t age) and Christina Aguilera (does that woman have a voice or what?!) There was also a whole lot of other celebrity names in it as well. I hadn’t heard anything about it prior to seeing it, so I found it rather enjoyable. I remarked it was a little like Coyote Ugly, and of course when I got home to read about it more, that’s apparently what a lot of people are saying. My movie partner thought there wasn’t enough Cher (she is a huge Cher fan so watching 100 minutes of the camera trained on Cher still wouldn’t satisfy). Other than that, and its predictable yet rather holey plot, it was an enjoyable movie. I’d watch it again. (Did I mention Christina’s voice is WOW?) At worst it’s a music video/burlesque/musical spread out over 100 minutes. At best, you’ll love it. The dancing and club scenes are fascinating to watch.
I don’t usually rate movies so you’re not going to get a score or a grading. If you’re into that kind of movie, see it. If not, wait until it comes out on DVD. Good advice? Perhaps. I’m just disappointed I didn’t get any popcorn.

Scrutiny Sundays are a creation of Reputation@Stake over at The Stupid Bet, share your link if you’re participating so I/he/we can all defeat all evil togeth- or just so I can share it as well.

Edit: Yes, I tried out Pivot since static drawings didn’t cut it this time, and I didn’t want to just link to the Rush Hour 3 scene I was reminded of, even if it is hilarious. Original work for the win. Oh alright, here it is.


7 Responses to Scrutiny Sunday Showtime

  1. Cotton says:

    Love it! The stick men are the BEST! I’ve heard good things about the movie on FB, random people posting about how they loved it. Usually the only time I hear of movies is on TS’s 7 word. If he wrote about this one, I missed it. I doubt I ever see it though, so I’m glad to hear a bit more about it from you.

    Man, If I had forgotten to lock my door, I would have just not worried about it… just another plus to living in the middle of nowhere. Even if somebody happened to break in, chances are, someone would notice and report it. Generally when there is a little crime spree in town, everyone knows who it is, so they don’t last long. When your old principle walks in on you robbing his house, where you going to run and hide, you know?

    Love the snow… but isn’t it a little warm for that where you are?

    • If it was my house I might have been a little less concerned, but since it isn’t and I have no idea about crime around here, we had to be. I suppose that is a plus for you alright (hide behind the curtains, it always works in movies…)!

      And yea, a little warm for snow (about the only thing it’s a little warm for) so I thought I’d bring some to the site. Until I see snow for myself! It’s nice to pretend. That said, I can see snow if I lean out the window a little and… as odd as that might have just looked to passersby, I can see snow on the mountain tops! Aha!

  2. TS Hendrik says:

    I was with up until you gave the title. Burlesque is… I’m a man, I don’t have to have a reason not to see it. However I did think the dancing traffic guy is very funny.

  3. I can’t believe I haven’t commented on the snow on this site. It’s great. Those two ninkumsquats above can’t get that effect (I think) because they’re BugSpit bloggers. But as a fellow wordpresser I assume I can. How/where did you get it? I’d love to add it to mine.

    And, yes, the traffic cops are hilarious. But don’t you worry about them. I mean, if I leave your site up all day, they’d be standing there all day doing those same motions over and over. I’m not going to try it because I’m worried I’d kill them, but still, is that a danger you’re willing to have on your hands?

    • The snow is a festive thing, is under Settings->Extras (see here.)

      And the traffic cops are probably underpaid considering all the work they’d do if you left my site open all day. Your concerns are noted, but they change shifts when you aren’t looking. That guy dancing up there now isn’t the same one you saw before, it’s his brother. And you thought I was mean to stickmen, I’m giving them jobs. Now if I can figure out a way to get them to direct traffic TO my blog not just dance…

      • That was hilarious. And I’m happy to hear that you’re looking out for your GIF men. And how lucky are you that the first traffic cop has a brother who is also a cop?! And looks just like him! You’re a sneaky one.

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