Cool things you have and we don’t [Part 1]

Since I’m fixated on USA, I’ll probably be keeping up the commentary for a while. Or maybe just a little longer. At any rate, there are a few (quite a few really) things that you lucky Americans have that we simply don’t. (Yea, I heard that ‘No shit’). I should probably mention how I went shopping yesterday purely to buy some Dr Pepper. That isn’t the only reason we went, but it might well have been. One thing I do love about USA is Dr Pepper.

Dr Pepper

Like happiness in a bottle

You see, they don’t wholesale sell Dr Pepper in Australia anymore. For 6 years, they did. I was unfortunately young and didn’t know the glorious drink tasted good so I avoided it. I do remember it being freely available, in vending machines, supermarkets, everywhere. Apparently it was taken away from us in 2003, as Australia basically didn’t like it. Silly, right? The amount of soft drinks (you call it ‘soda’ we call it ‘soft drink’) we have, we can’t have that one. Of course you can buy it online for extravagant prices, and some small shops do order cans in, but sadly it isn’t quite as easy as picking up a bottle during your grocery shopping.

I realise Dr Pepper isn’t for everyone. Like almost anything really. I also realise it’s sad how drinking Dr Pepper is always a highlight of my visits to USA.

Another thing I love about USA is 99c stores. I think they are awesome, despite the obvious missing quality factor. I own a pair of sunnies (American translation: sunglasses) from a 99c store and nobody can argue against the fact that they cost a mere 99c. It’s a winning argument.

99c store logo

Even the logo looks cheap!

To me, it’s almost as if I can justify buying anything because it’s so cheap. I suppose that’s how they stay in business. (I’d like to point out that I know nothing about 99c stores and/or the various ridicule/talk surrounding them. I’d attempt to go educate myself to avoid overused jokes or misinformation that I don’t realise, but that’s too much work. So there.) I’m also not sure I trust a lot of food from there, but I may be wrong?

99c store

I don’t actually walk around with my arms raised like that. That’d be odd, even for a 99c store.

And I can’t forget McGriddles. Pancake + bacon = fantastic idea. Sorry, ‘hotcake’. Always tempting to try and make it to Maccas (read: McDonalds) before 10.30am. Just to buy them. Mmmm, the greasy goodness. Even if it is an epic trek (a whole two blocks) in the morning (which is cold, I couldn’t feel my ears last time) to the closest one. And even if they are overpriced for how small they are. But hey, that’s McDonalds for you!

So, there’s three random (small) things I like about the USA. How about you, where do you stand on them? I do realise these are rather trivial things but I’m not about to start weighing in on the bigger things just yet. Too political, I’ll just sit here with my Dr Pepper instead. And watch a random squirrel scamper (I believe that sums up his movement) across a power line. Ahh, America.


6 Responses to Cool things you have and we don’t [Part 1]

  1. shpak60 says:

    By those measures, you could be in Canada. And way colder. I vacuumed a spider off my ceiling today and thought of you.

    • This is true. And I’m touched you thought of me, I’m now associated with spiders. Vacuuming is a good technique though, I’m impressed. Less so if it was cobwebs, but still impressed.

  2. TS Hendrik says:

    If you like Dr. Pepper, than you should try it up in Canada. I have no idea why, if they use better tasting water or what, but it just tastes better up north. A lot of things do actually. Do they have Schweppes Raspberry Ginger Ale in Australia? It’s my Dr. Pepper. So good, yet so unavailable where I live.

    • I don’t know if we have that, if so I haven’t seen it. Will have to keep an eye out and try it if I can. Will also have to head up to Canada one day it seems, better tasting Dr Pepper is almost reason enough to go!

  3. You do not want to get me started on Dr. Pepper. Ask anyone who knows me. If you want a clue, read Day #1 and Day #2 on my blog. Dr. Pepper is at the core of my whole blog’s existence!

    As far as phrases we use, “soft drink” is used by us as much as “soda” is, but you were right in translating “sunnies.” It’s strictly “sunglasses” here, unless you’re trying to pretend being cool, you might call them “shades.” “Pancake” is actually used here more than “hotcake” depending on where you are, but I have never heard McDonald’s called Maccas.

    And finally, no, there is no ridicule given to shoppers at 99c stores. Someone who draws scenes from those stores? Maybe. But not for visiting.

    • Yea, I remember reading those posts and was amused to see someone loves Dr Pepper more than I do!

      There’s a bit more slang/phrase craziness to comment on but I’ll save that for another post. But cheers for the feedback, I still haven’t decided whether to attempt to be less touristy or cling to my slang proudly. I swap between the two.

      Glad to hear my 99c store visits are a-ok. I’ll try to refrain from illustrating the visits, if I can. Can’t promise anything though!

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