Arriving on an Airplane to California Cold

Well, I made it. Belated post, but my brain still hasn’t caught up with the fact I am in California now (you’d think the weather, palm trees and numerous small Americanisms would help, but no.) Finally somewhat getting over the oh so fun jet lag, as sleeping on a plane is somewhat akin to being strapped to bench seat next to two strangers and being told to sleep. Wait… that’s exactly what it is, albeit a tad more comfortable.

I do have some photos of my journey, but not too many as waving around a camera taking photos of stuff in airports is probably asking for security to detain me. So instead I waved my camera around on the plane, across the passenger beside me getting uncomfortable close in the meantime, to snap these pics. (Click to enlarge)

Plane window photo over Australia

Fascinating yes? This is as soon after take off as I could manage. Not that it mattered, this is the view for most of the daylight hours of the trip. Pacific Ocean.

Plane window photo sunrise 1

This sunrise over the clouds was fantastic. Very surreal, my camera does not do it justice at all.

Plane window photo sunrise 2

Another shot, showing the sun this time. Was beautiful. The passenger I leaned over to take the pictures agreed, but might have been doing so just to get me to hurry up and get out of her space. As much as you can in economy anyway.

Moving along to a random list. Small things I notice when I arrive in USA (Note: These are mainly driving orientated at the moment):

  • The pedestrian crossing signal countdown. Ours is just green, red or flashing red. Not ’20 seconds till YOU GET RUN OVER. 19…18…’.
  • Signs saying ‘Yield’. Ours say ‘Give way’. You say tomato?
  • That you can turn right at a red light intersection. Even if the light is red.
  • The accents, of course. It is a bit odd to hear initially in the airport, especially your pronunciation of our cities. ‘Passengers from Mel-BORN, your luggage is…’ It might be spelled Melbourne, but it is pronounced ‘Melbuhn‘. And it’s not ‘brisBANE‘, it’s ‘Brisbuhn‘ (Brisbane). It’s hard to show you the differences, and spelled out it seems your way of saying it should be right but even though you are American hence ‘always right’, you aren’t. Ok? Ok.
  • That’s enough for now, but rest assured there are plenty more. Like fire hydrants (!), and mailbox flag-thingos, and of course, driving on the other side of the road. The colours of your police cars, the dodgy fast food places… the list goes on really.

I don’t believe it’s this cold and not even winter yet. Granted, it probably isn’t that cold right now, I’m just particularly sensitive to cold weather. But still. For me it is. For those Canadians (yea you!), maybe not so much. That’s because you are used to living in and around snow and being exposed to temperatures above 50 degrees would cause you to melt/burn to a crisp. Slight exaggeration perhaps, ok, large one. I’m giving myself permission to whine a lot about the cold because for me it is freezing. As I’m writing some of this I’m wearing 2 layers of clothes and a ski jacket. My laptop is a great source of warmth, I have discovered. I think I’m going to be in trouble when winter arrives. Lucky I have a scarf, right? (Ok, that joke is overused, I know, but too bad.) And don’t get my started on early morning toilet runs. Leaving the (relative) warmth of the bed for the freezing cold air, traipsing across the cold floor which radiates its coldness through even the thickest of socks, then the block of ice you precariously perch upon, practically levitating to avoid extended contact with the seat. It really is a mission.

Layers of clothes

I’m also underneath 2 blankets.

Other than the weather, there’s not much news to report as I’ve been extremely lazy (partially due to the weather, partially due to the jet lag/lack of sleep). I didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I ate teriyaki beef instead of turkey. I was thankful for it though. Mm-mmm. Alright, that’s all you’re getting from me for now as I can’t feel my fingers anymore to type. Or so I’ll say. I may be being overly dramatic. Maybe. More to come.


4 Responses to Arriving on an Airplane to California Cold

  1. shpak60 says:

    Too much clothing under covers reduces the amount of body heat the blankets preserve and spread. Seems counterintuitive, but trust me on that. It’s currently -3 here, not whatever balmy temp you have. And how are the bathroom spiders down there?

    • Huh, I never knew that. Balmy isn’t quite the word, but I suppose compared to -3 maybe it is. No bathroom spiders to report, thankfully. Bathroom visits are annoying enough already, I think I need a heater…

  2. I, personally, would love to hear more differences between Australia and America. I love hearing differences between places and cultures, even if they are only slight. And just so you know, the thing about Americans mispronouncing things is not relegated to just names of things from other countries. We do it with our own names as well. People from Illinois will hit you (and want to kill you) if you pronounce the “s”, and yet many Americans do.

    • Aha, I knew I couldn’t be the only one fascinated by culture differences. I’ll finish writing up some more on that note soonish.

      I see, so it’s not as offensive as I thought about the pronunciation. Good thing too… just kidding. No big deal, just makes one twitch occasionally to hear it.

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