Scrutiny Sunday in a Suitcase

It’s that day of the week again, time for another Scrutiny Sunday. I actually ummed and aaahd about what on earth to write about this Sunday. The sheer amount of potential Scrutiny targets is overwhelming. That’s why I decided to be lame and scrutinize luggage packing techniques. (Sounds boring, I know, but we’ve all been there.)

Ahh, the point where you have to look at all the clothes/items you own and decide what comes with you on your holiday. It can be a ruthless decision process. (I haven’t worn them in 3 years I definitely won’t now!) Or a very compromising one. (I know I haven’t worn them for ages but what if the occasion for it arises?!) Do you pack everything you might need, or just the essentials? Do you pack 5 shirts for 2 days? I need choices damnit? It’s been said that men do the whole ‘pack barely enough clothes to last’ and women do the whole ‘entire wardrobe must fit in here somehow’ I fall somewhere in between.

It’s not that I don’t want to pack more than enough clothes. It’s that I don’t have that many clothes I actually wear. (Very unladylike of me, I know) And this time I am going to attempt to be ruthless about those extra clothes that you never end up wearing and leave them out. You know that sweater or shirt that you throw in ‘just in case’ and it remains clean and untouched until you arrive back home again? I am somewhat helped by the fact that I need to buy a lot of winter clothing over there (and I mean, a lot. Brr). This is for two reasons.

1. Considering it is summer here (technically not yet but it’s Australia ok? Spring doesn’t exist.), the selection of winter clothes available in shops is… dismal. And it’s not even proper winter wear, just flimsy jumpers.

2. This will save me a lot of packing space without bulky jumpers taking up all the room.

Anyhow, then there is the whole deal of getting everything to fit in the suitcase. At this point, you’ve packed everything you need and more. You reach for the zipper. A battle of wills begins. Usually you’ve packed your suitcase a fraction too full. If you’re stubborn, you’ll do like I do, and instead of taking things out/rearranging, you make it fit. Whatever it takes.
Battle of the suitcase

If you do choose to force it, make sure there are no breakables.

At this point, you may want to weigh your luggage to make sure you don’t exceed the limit for your flight. Be prepared for curse words if you realise your struggle with your suitcase is not yet over since it weighs too much. Pack again!

I’ve been informed there are many ways to pack a suitcase. My method goes something like this:


Suitcase packing stage 1

Throw everything I might need onto/near suitcase

Suitcase packing stage 2

Attempt to neatly fold clothes. Give up halfway through.


Arrange/shove clothes in suitcase. Tada!

Not the most efficient method, I know. Beginning to experiment with rolling up some of my clothes and segmenting my suitcase. But I know it’ll really just end up a mess of clothes regardless of what I try. I’ve read a few different methods (folding vs rolling) and it’ll probably end up a mixture of the two. Any tips are welcome, as usual.

Now if I can just figure out how to fit people in my suitcase like they keep suggesting, I’ll be set. Jet set.


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14 Responses to Scrutiny Sunday in a Suitcase

  1. shpak60 says:

    And you’re headed for CALIFORNIA??? Many Canadians are doing the same thing, at the same time. For the warm weather.

  2. TS Hendrik says:

    California. Been there, done that. I was 4 at the time, but I think I got the full experience.

  3. This experience of yours is one of the two reasons why I switched from suitcase to duffel bag. Duffels have give. They can be pulled and tugged into different shapes, and just generally abused, whereas suitcases are a governmental conspiracy forcing you to fit everything into a square space. I will never go back to suitcases, unless the government asks really politely.

    • Mine is sort of a suitcase-duffel hybrid on wheels. Makes for an interesting combination. Was easier to call it a suitcase. But I totally agree. What’s the other reason? (My apologies if it’s evident, I’m going to blame jet lag.)

  4. Cotton says:

    Wow, I bet Susan appreciates having her duffel squeezed in between the tire and the wheel well.No wonder she keeps you around. You know how to keep your trunk nice and roomy.

    So Mosey,
    At first I was confused about what on earth a “jumper” was. But then I saw your first sketch, and it became clear. I’m happy for you that you managed to save “a lot of packing space without bulky jumpers taking up all the room.”

    Dad gum bulky jumpers!

    • Cotton says:

      PS) I relinked this post from last week, since I just noticed it TODAY! Anyway, just because I linked it to today’s linky, doesn’t mean you can’t link another one. Ah, The beauty of no rules. (Just be sure you weigh it first.)

      • Woo! Early to the party for once. Less chance to make an entrance but more people to notice said entrance.

        Also, on the jumper note, I explained it in an earlier post but forgot to re-explain it. I left most of my jumpers in CA. (in safekeeping, but there nonetheless)

  5. Gwen says:

    It was 80 degrees here in CA this week. All you would have needed was a swimsuit, pair of jeans, and a hoodie for the cooler nights. Skip the jumpers and bring your toothbrush.

    Of course, after the Tsunami evacuations we had this morning, you might want to bring a raft.

    • I do prefer California in the warmer months. Even though I have taken a liking to snowboarding, something about not having to pile on clothes to walk around the house appeals to me.

      Raft perhaps. Surfboard, yes.

      I’m all talk though, glad you’re ok (I assume, unless you have really good internet signal from your raft) :/

  6. Deborah says:

    I used to travel a lot on business. So much so, I lived out of a suit case. Thomas is amazed that I can be packed in fifteen minutes and need only a carry on.

    • I once took only a backpack on holidays so I didn’t have to pay for carry on luggage on the plane. Granted, at the end of the week (or so) I was sorely in need of a washing machine, but it made things far easier.

      That’s impressive though! I’m slightly envious.

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