That sickly feeling

I’ve been slacker than usual with my posting, but this time I have a legitimate excuse. I’ve been sick.

Now I’m one of those ‘psh, pain, what pain?’ kinda people, or at least pretend to be, but sometimes when you get sick all you can do is act as pathetic as possible to get those sympathy votes. At least this time the amount of real agony made it easier to pretend fake agony. My acting skills aren’t as honed as I’d like to think.

I tried to drag myself to my keyboard for you, I really did. All that managed to get transcribed was something along the lines of “i’msicjfhsj===” Which I will admit, is legendary post material in and of itself BUT unfortunately hitting the ‘Publish’ button proved too difficult. All I ended up doing was closing the window before I doubled over in agony once more. A shame really. Now, in the spirit of not whining about how bad it was and the troubles it caused me, on with a picture.

sick in bed

I tried. But not too hard.

I actually don’t have a lot to say in this post but be warned, more content is on the way now I’m on holidays. You’ll be thrilled by my tales of adventure next week as well when I journey for thirteen grueling hours across the Pacific Ocean in a cushioned seat on a plane. Google might tell me otherwise but air travel is the way to go for me. Better not forget to pack my scarf.


3 Responses to That sickly feeling

  1. I have never flown for that long, and I do not envy your trip, which is why I’ve never made that long of one. Europe, yes. Asia/Oceania, no. If you crash in the pacific and die on the way, be sure to blog about it in detail, so we can all share in your adventures.

    Also, I know I’m new to your blog (sorry again for thinking you were a guy), but your drawings seem to be a staple of your posts, which is cool and has given your blog a unique style. I enjoy them, and they make me laugh. So, obviously, the fact that they entertain ME, is the only reason you need to continue to draw them, which I hope you do.

    • My drawings take the attention away from the lack of substance in posts. Clearly it is working! On a more serious note, thanks though, I appreciate the feedback.

      PS. Not sure how my laptop battery life will do in a disastrous crash but I will do my best to share the juicy details.

  2. Oh, and I’m sorry you’re sick, which was kind of the point of your post. Sorry. Hope you feel better.

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