Scarfilicious Skills and Winter Chills

Yesterday I got given a scarf. This may not seem unusual to most, but  once you realise it is nearly the beginning of summer in Australia, it might.

Right,  by now I’ve aroused your curiosity, and I can almost feel your burning desire to ask the obvious question of ‘Why?’ ‘What possible use could she have for a scarf in summer?’ (No, the answer is NOT a kinky one. Behave.) Of course you could also  just  be waiting for me to get to the point and don’t really care. But I’m going to assume that by this point, your eyes are eagerly scanning ahead waiting for me to reveal THE REASON FOR THIS MADNESS.

No, the person who gave it to me isn’t season confused (in more ways than one, it’s not anywhere near Christmas yet. The stores would disagree BUT anyhow.) This is more than enough suspense for such a silly thing so I’ll just tell you. The reason, dear reader, is that in less than 2 weeks it’s holiday time for me.

Yes, I am giving up the wonderfully warm (often too much so) Australian climate for another Californian winter. Now I am aware I can do much worse in the way of winter seasons, but for someone who needs a friend to shield me from the freezer aisle in the supermarket for fear of frostbite, it is an extreme for me.

pretend snow

The closest I get to snow (Yes, that is the inside of my freezer)

So in the weeks leading up to my departure I am attempting to rapidly adapt to the cold before I land so I’m not stuck wearing the entire contents of my suitcase the instant I clear border security just to avoid hypothermia. This involves exercises such as not taking a jumper (Australian term for ‘jacket’) when I’m due to be stuck in an air conditioned room, opening the freezer to stand there for prolonged periods of time and positioning my laptop directly in the path of the aircon in my bedroom. These are all problematic as you can possibly see, given that if I don’t wear a jumper I spend the entire time contemplating the shades of white and blue my skin can go instead of focusing on the task at hand, the laws of heat transfer dictating that leaving the freezer door open will in fact defrost the entire contents quicker than you adapt to the cool, and air conditioned air flowing directly at me for extended periods of time is 1) FREEZING and 2) completely nullified the moment I walk out of my bedroom.

Anyhow, I’m a novice to scarf wearing and devised these possible ways to wear it and attempt to be a scarf wearing pro.

Low effort scarves

Low effort scarf options

Medium effort scarves

Medium effort scarf options

... scarves

…other scarf ‘options’.

Feel free to use my ideas, if you happen to desire be a scarf wearing pro such as I. Having never actually possessed a scarf before now, I’m still unsure if I’ll even wear it. Are scarves even ‘in’? And does the pattern matter? Should I have vetoed this scarf in favour of some lovely rainbow or skull pattern? Lucky I don’t really care, or will pretend not to. It’s likely to become suitcase fodder anyway. Unless it does help my slight aversion to the cold.

Scarf pattern

My scarf pattern. Boring or trendy?

So, all you cold weather veterans, do scarves help? Do you have any wearing suggestions so I don’t get beaten up for lack of scarf skills? (highly unlikely, but you never know.) Righteo then, back to conditioning in the air conditioning for me. Or not.


14 Responses to Scarfilicious Skills and Winter Chills

  1. TS Hendrik says:

    I think the scarf attacking is the best. Personally I hate scarves. They tend to suffocate me more than anything. Then there’s the whole issue with if it’s really cold and you’re working hard and covering your mouth with a scarf, you get an annoying build up of condensation that freezes over.

    Plus if you tie it a little too tight, it feels like a small person strangling you.

  2. You make me laugh. Ninja was great because of how it kind of defeats the purpose. But I vote for ‘Attacked by scarf’.

    And even though I wore a scarf for the first time ever, only two weeks ago, I’ll give out scarf advise anyway. In California (as well as New York City) you can’t really be out of style. It’s impossible. And even if you try with all your might, you’ll just end up starting a new style. But the scarf pattern you picked is similar to many others I’ve seen people wear, so I think you’re good.

  3. Belated reply, sorry guys.

    Glad to hear both sides of the scarf argument, I’ll definitely be taking it with me even if it’s just for testing purposes (and to annoy companions with my touristy ways). And holding my breath to see if it attacks me, since this seems to be the way to wear it.

    @TS I will be sure not to tie it too tight, wouldn’t want to find out I’m afraid of small people strangling me in that manner.

    @SB You make me feel better that I might start my own trend. Did you?

  4. Cotton says:

    Okay, I haven’t read the post yet, but I’ll be back in like ten minutes to do so until then (for your own sake) ignore anything those two knuckle heads have to say in regard to fashion… boy could I show you some pictures. BUT… I LOVE THAT FABRIC, I have a little swing coat in it, and I’m like a fashion DIVA. (No I’m not.) Be back soon!

  5. Cotton says:

    Are you KIDDING me??? You CANNOT go wrong with wearing a scarf over here. (Well, except for the Ninja one. No, no… I take that back. The ninja thing could definitely work.) And they totally warm you up. FOR REAL! I can handle heat like nobody’s business, hardly run the A.C. at all, but in the winter I am the worlds biggest baby and a scarf is wildly important to staying warm. Oh and there is also a right way to wear a scarf, but people pretty much wear them however they want to. Weird, but I figured, Rep@Stake could totally school you in the proper way, I’m not buying his “new to scarves” bit. Not one bit.

  6. Okay, I haven’t read Cotton’s comment yet, but until I do, ignore anything that dweeb has to say in regards to … well, just about anything that involves normal, well-adjusted people. TS and I put up with her all the time, so she feels that her input is …

    You know what, I’m going to stop there, since she’s also kind of a loose cannon, and I’m never sure what’ll set her off. Look what mentioning a scarf did.

  7. I’m not sure who to trust anymore. It’s like finding out the good guy in the movie is actually a bad guy, and the bad guy could be a good guy. (cue dramatic music)

    I’m slightly sexist in leaning towards listening to Cotton (she is a serious fashion DIVA), but what if TS is trying to warn me about the serious DANGERS here and Cotton is intent on me experiencing them so she can… I don’t want to think about it?! She was supposed to be the innocent one!

    But any way to help me deal with the cold will probably be tried. I might laugh now, but when I’m wearing all the clothes I own and am still cold, this scarf may come in handy. Or I’ll find another use for it. (inappropriate wink here?)

    Besides, if your advice is WRONG I have a perfectly good scarf to set on you. Yea, that’s right. I’m threatening you with a scarf.

  8. TS Hendrik says:

    Since you’re having trouble figuring out who to trust, allow me to help.

    Sebastian is calculating and logical. So style probably isn’t what you want to know from him. The logistics, of wearing a scarf, yes.

    Cotton is obviously the fashion forward one here as she likes to flaunt her style on her blog and to lord over us how much better she is at making her house pretty than we are. (so what if I live in a dumpster, it was good enough for Oscar the Grouch, it’s good enough for me.)If you want to know chic, ask her.

    As for me, I tend to have disdain for popular things and should never be relied upon to answer straight up as to whether or not something is good or bad. I have no sense of style (my idea of perfection is to one day wear a tricorn hat, a cloak and to carry a cain), and my logic says up is down. Only look to me on scarving (yes I said scarving) matters if you want to know what my favorite knots are to tie in them.

    P.S. any knot that allows me to bonk others on the head.

  9. So combine all your answers is the way to go. Then I’ll have a logical, stylish and er, knotty (nutty, yes I am spelling out my pun. Take that) way to wear it.

    …I need to tie it in a knot that can be used to bonk others but not strangling me whilst wearing it to stay warm and start my own trend. Should be easy enough…

    I may just stand out enough to be shot on sight.

  10. Cotton says:

    ugh! These boys. Watcha gonna do with them, I ask ya?

    Don’t let TS’s disdain fool ya! I’m the one that ignores what is popular, fo sho. (Just ask Harry Potter.) Generally speaking, I like something and *then* it becomes wildly popular, Coincidence? I think knot! (What’s with the pun humor, folks?)

    But seriously, a scarf will absolutely keep you warmer. In the winter I never leave home without one. (I never come home without one either, so there.) No really, I even where them in my house. We live in an older home (for this part of the US, anyway) and it is DRAFTY, my scarves are an important tool for surviving the winter, I’ve even been desperate enough to sleep in one.

    Fo real, who you gonna listen to? Someone who hates the cold so badly that the second my husband can no longer pull a plow, we’re moving south, or those two goof-balls up there who think a good way to waste a weekend is a jaunt up Everest?

  11. The best logistical way to wear a scarf is to wrap it so as to keep all desired parts of yourself warm. You’re welcome.

  12. Cotton says:

    Someone needs to explain to MoS my difficulties with homophones. I keep waiting for a word to emerge that will define my condition, but the guy in charge of Word Wednesday is a loser. Word.

  13. Leaning towards listening to Cotton, even if it may lead to disaster. That’s a lie, if it leads to disaster it’ll be my own fault. Not sure where I’m going to get a scarf that keeps all the desired parts warm, I think that goes beyond the capabilities of a scarf? (see here)

    Hmm hmm hmm…

  14. “Desired” parts was supposed to mean like just your neck, or neck and face, or neck and head, etc. (though I did laugh at your link picture). I do feel confident in giving this bit of fashion advice, however: Do not wear only a scarf in California.

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