Crazy lady driving: Avoid at all costs (if she lets you)

I swear my car horn not working is going to be the death of me. My horn hasn’t been functional for about 6-12 months now, and I use the trusty ol’ middle finger salute in it’s place. Not randomly of course, just in place of the horn.

Driving down a side street, medium amount of traffic though (thankfully) no one was behind me or coming towards me. This lady decides to reverse out of her driveway IN THE PATH  OF MY CAR without looking. Sure, I had ample time to SLAM on the brakes as she blocked off me and the oncoming lane. Not. So I flipped her off as she ever so slowly accelerated. Deciding that going under the speed limit wasn’t her style after all after seeing my car up her ass, she proceeded to run a roundabout and a stop sign without slowing down.

As we approach a set of lights, it’s green. Now, this particular set is going from a side street to turn onto a main road. So it changes once every 5 minutes or so. And doesn’t stay green for long at all. There’s already a queue of cars and I groaned, surely this lady would cause me to have to wait for the next set. So we shuffle forward slowly, and the light turns yellow as I’m 1/4 of the way across the intersection. Aka not very far at all.


Look at my colouring skills.

It’s at this point I do as I normally do. It’s one lane turning into a three lane road. Crazy driver lady turns the inside lane so I turn into the very outside lane accelerating as much as I can get away with to try and avoid this red light change. I always turn into that lane because I turn off the road less than 2 blocks later so it makes no sense to cross them in a hurry later. Due to the lack of owning a horn, I flip the lady off as I go past and start indicating to turn off. Now, here comes the crazy.

She swerved (with indicator on at least?) across 2 lanes of traffic BLARING her horn at me and nearly hit my car from behind as I turned off into the side street. Really? REALLY?


Swerve much?

I may have a mild case of road rage, but… is that kind of thing necessary? Beep at me if you think I’m being ohsorude for flipping you off because I don’t have a horn to beep and tell you what an idiot you are/how you nearly caused an accident. Don’t create -more- traffic hazards and prove me right. Not that I need proof that you, lady, are an idiot. When you drive like someone playing GTA or racing games, it’s already evident. Why are the police never around to catch aggressive drivers like this?

I’m by no means a shining example of road safety and driver skills, but some people are shocking. This kind of behaviour just…makes me think I would have been right to install something like this:

decked out car

This picture speaks for itself.

Maybe I’m secretly an aggressive driver myself… How about you? And yes I am aware of the many engineering problems with that car. It’d just be cool against crazy drivers. And zombies. Ok?


2 Responses to Crazy lady driving: Avoid at all costs (if she lets you)

  1. Cyclobutane says:

    I can relate. There seem to be those drivers who ignore courtesy and are more concerned about their ego than safety.

    Great post! I enjoyed the diagrams 🙂

    • MusicofShadows says:

      Thanks! Tried to tell it without diagrams but waving my arms at the computer didn’t help clarify.

      And agreed, it really is an ego thing isn’t it.

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