Sinking Scrutiny Sunday

This week’s Scrutiny Sunday lens falls on… a certain computer room at my university. Now I’m really hitting the big topics. I’ve come a long way in the time I’ve been doing this (an entire 3 weeks) and feel ready to tackle yet another subject I know a little about yet not enough to write an educated post. Lucky for you this doesn’t stop me.

nerdy me

Ready for scrutinizing/studying

To describe this computer room, imagine a medium sized room, walls lined with desks that computers sit on, and two quartered cubicle-like computer terminals in the middle of the room. The carpet is an intriguing mix of predominantly blue, grey and black. The colours blend flawlessly (a lie) and the tone is warm and inviting (another lie), and doesn’t look at all like this was the cheap off cut from the factory that no one knew why this shade/blend/mix existed (not a lie). The curtains are almost all existent, a non obtrusive shade of tan. One section has fallen off completely. Another has tears in it from where it is used to keep the door open. Ah, the study environment.

This may seem like an odd topic to scrutinize, but it’ll all make sense soon. Or well, a little more sense. The reason this computer room is under scrutiny isn’t its appalling colour scheme or decaying curtains. It is, but the main reason for this scrutiny is the object located in the far corner of the room between computer desks. This object is a sink.


A graphical rendering of the corner in question

Why would there be a sink in the corner of the room? What purpose does it serve? Does it work? I can’t tell you. Never had a chance to attempt it. I just stare at it from half the room away. Wondering. I’ve come up with these possible reasons for the sink existing:

  • The people of the faculty who the computer room belongs to like to break the rule of no eating in the computer labs. Therefore they need a sink to wash their hands. (This reason is actually very legit.)
  • The person who installed the computer desks decided there simply must be a sink in the corner, for reasons unknown, possibly architectural, possibly inspired, likely random prank playing. “Hey guys, let’s put a sink in the plans and see if anyone notices!”
  • This room was previously used for some purpose that required it to have a sink. Like toilets. Or a break room. There are actually tiles above the sink but only a square about 1m2. But nowhere else. Possibly not toilets because… well obvious reasons.
  • The surveillance cameras watching the room are actually observed by government officials to determine the psychological effects of placing a sink in a computer lab so they can use it for military applications.

While all likely explanations, there are plenty more out there. I’m open to your ideas as to why it exists. If they involve aliens or zombies I would especially love to hear your theories, just don’t expect me to believe you. I still might though. You never know. It’s a bit out there, a bit crazy, a sink being in a computer room. Hmm…

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6 Responses to Sinking Scrutiny Sunday

  1. TS Hendrik says:

    Go with me on this… Alien-zombies! If they should land and attack, you can survive off of the water while blogging about what’s going on.

  2. MusicofShadows says:

    …if the tap works. Otherwise we’re doomed!

  3. Posky says:

    You can never have too many sinks.

    That’s just a fact.

  4. MusicofShadows says:

    You may be right about that. Extra sinks aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Unless the alien-zombies travel through the pipe system. -Then- we may have to reconsider the liberal installing of sinks.

    But until that happens, I agree with you. At least partially.

  5. Cotton says:

    So, You’re a blond, eh?

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