MiniRant: Map this, Google

This recent ‘Google maps: TRY THIS IT’S GOOD FOR A LAUGH’ business is irritating me. Has no one before now ever asked Google how to get from one continent to another? Are they actually surprised it tells you to kayak across water? Yep. Ruined the surprise for you.

I’ll admit, I found it mildly amusing the first time I looked up how to get from my house in Australia to a friend’s house in California. Drive here. Kayak to Japan. Drive some more. Kayak to Hawaii. It’s ok, it’ll only take 54 days! Wonder how you’d even keep in a straight line in a kayak. Someone should try it for my amusement.

But seriously guys. Of all the silly stuff that does the rounds, it’s always stuff like this that makes me cringe. It’s not even LOL GOOGLE TELLS YOU TO KAYAK. It’s ‘STEP ONE: Go to Google maps. STEP TWO: Type in Japan to America. STEP THREE: The funniest thing in your entire life will happen. No. Denied. I personally find the interesting street view captures far more interesting than google telling met to kayak. That’s ridiculous. Quit spamming my wall and the blogosphere with this. Thank you. Try looking up these directions instead.


I just looked this up myself for you. Now you know. Watch for lack of sidewalks.


3 Responses to MiniRant: Map this, Google

  1. Posky says:

    That’s a walk I’d rather not take. I thought it’d redirect you to Hell, MI too.

    Although, I’ve actually been there and there isn’t a lot going on. Maybe Hell in California is better. I did the Google Maps street view and it doesn’t look promising, though.

    It’s my hope that whoever runs the website had an awful experience at this location.

  2. MusicofShadows says:

    Perhaps I’ll stop in at Hell next time I’m in California. Thank you for the reciprocal directions.

  3. I knew it! I knew Hell wouldn’t have sidewalks! Ha! Someone owes me 50 bucks.

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