Superdimensional Scrutiny Sunday

I finally caved, bought overpriced movie tickets, and saw a film in 3D. Resident Evil: Afterlife to be precise.

Now, the last time I saw a film in 3D I was 8 years old and at a theme park. (Yea, yea, there’s a lot in 3D these days but I’ve been happily living under a rock with HD and whatnot). So we get given our specially engineered glasses, and they look suspiciously like a fancier version of the paper/cellophane glasses that used to exist only these ones are plastic. The previews had already started (I time things well) so we found our seats and settled in. Well, most of the previews were in normal definition. Until one is blurry as hell (Hint #1 you should put your glasses on), a pair of 3D glasses appears on screen (Hint #2) and a pleasant male voice tells you how fantastic and optimized these glasses are (Hint #3). I don’t actually recall them specifically telling me to put the glasses on but I didn’t need all three hints to realise IT WAS TIME…. Time for more previews but in 3D now!


Yep, you wish you had 3D glasses to see this picture properly.

So, some of it was impressive. Like when ninja stars come out of the screen. And it did make it seem more ‘realistic’… I suppose. I think you’re supposed to feel closer to the action, and while I did get that feeling, I’m not ready to jump on the 3D bandwagon yet. (Obviously, it took me this long to even go see a 3D movie.) That said, it was pretty damn cool given it was an action film. And sure bullets and weapons aren’t going to be flying out the screen all the time, though with the rate the bad guys miss you’d think this would happen more often, but a little more wouldn’t hurt. It did give things an interesting sense of depth though, which I was impressed with.

residentevilafterlifestars /></p> <p><a href=

Look out! Ninja stars coming at your face!

Overall, 3D seems cool. But nothing mind blowing. With all the hype you’d think it would be. Maybe they just want us to walk around looking dorky in our 3D glasses. Well, you guys will look dorky, I’ll probably be recruited to model the things. Awwyea!

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2 Responses to Superdimensional Scrutiny Sunday

  1. TS Hendrik says:

    Well with that movie I believe there was some complaint to the fact that it wasn’t shot in 3D it was post conversion. Irrelevant for me as I can’t see in 3D. So the fad is lost on me.

  2. MusicofShadows says:

    Ah, that I did not know. Will have to do some researching about 3D shooting and 3D post conversion differences. Eventually maybe. That said, I’m pretty sure most of us have active enough imaginations that 3D is just an amplified effect of how we view it anyway. Guess we’ll see where the technology goes.

    Are you stereo-blind or just can’t watch them for other reasons?

    Edit: I heard it was filmed in 3D but it seems to be either hit or miss with the critics as to whether it pulls it off well

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