Not exactly a Halloween Queen

Everyone seems to be all Halloween themed. OoooOoooOooo. Ok, maybe I’m slightly bitter because it’s not a largely celebrated thing in Australia. Granted, it’s another excuse to dress up and go drinking, but really isn’t the cultural thing it appears to be over in the US. I may also be slightly bitter because I was invited to a Halloween party by an actual American co-worker and I AM WORKING SO I CAN’T GO. (Hey, I get invited to all the parties alright? It wasn’t a pity/mass invite I swear.)

That said, I do wonder what I would dress up as. I rarely dress up for occasions/birthdays/theme days so it’s always a challenge for me. The one year I did dress up for a friend’s ‘Halloween’ party the theme was Peter Pan. And of course there were Peters and Tinkerbells and Captain Hooks and lost boys but –I- went as Peter Pan’s Shadow.


Imagine something like this, but better because it is me.

Awesome, right? Which I’m going to pretend means that I’m actually a great dress-er-up-erer  who saves the cool for rare occasions for added effect and not just lazy. (Don’t believe I resorted to primary school language. Er.. Costume designer/wearer? Dress up legend? We’ll go with legend.)

We –may- be able to dress up for work that day but I’m seriously not sure what I’d wear. Probably a bed sheet and go for the ‘so lame it’s cool’ angle. Yea, go for but not achieve. Sigh. Will have to come up with something eventually but until then I’ll cling to the shadow costume’s coolness. Oh! Once for a dress up party I wore… my normal clothes and a Mickey Mouse mask that I grabbed on the way out the door. I grabbed it so I wouldn’t get totally stared down for not wearing a costume but I –may- have looked like a serial killer/bank robber. That does explain a few things… What’s the coolest/lamest costume you’ve ever worn?









An artist rendering of the ‘costume’

Maybe I should just use it as an excuse to paint my face. Or rather, paint other peoples faces and have that as an excuse.

How I imagine it’d go down:

Me: “But it’s Halloween, trust me I’ve been doing this for a while”

Person: “I see that, very gruesome makeup effects on yourself there.”

Me: “Oh that, this is just me wearing makeup. Still getting used to applying it properly. Getting better though yea? Might paint my Halloween face after this though!”

*awkward silence*

Hey, it could work? Better not pick my facepaint targets too randomly. That could get messy.

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2 Responses to Not exactly a Halloween Queen

  1. Cotton says:

    I am so impressed with the shadow thing. Go with the sheet, it sounds awesomely lame!

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