Strap in for Scrutiny Sunday

Yet another(!) mention of another blog, but this time it will be followed with my own work for once, which is a rather frightening event. Feel free to stop reading….now.

Ok, if you’re still here, buckle in (to your computer chair? That doesn’t even make sense? Why would anyone put a seat belt on their computer chair? I suppose if you were playing simulation fighter pilot games, are prone to being startled and spilling your coffee all over your lap or regularly take the text speak ‘ROFL’ literally you would indeed consider a seat belt. That’d be a bit awkward to explain though, especially if you engineered your office chair to incorporate a seat belt. All you’d need would be neon yellow racing goggles and no one would ever bother you with office small talk again. You’d just get shot glances that you wouldn’t see since the snazzy frames on your goggles block out any and all peripheral vision. Man, sometimes I think I’d enjoy a desk job. Or well, less the job part and more the fact the environment is ideal for any number of random ideas/plans/occurrences. Like a chair seat belt!)

Over at a blog I stumbled on and continued to read since he’s actually kinda funny (but don’t tell him that), Reputation@Stake has blogging to fulfill his side of a bet (explained here, go check it out instead of me having to summarise, seriously). Now a recent post of his suggested different ‘Themes’ for different days. Seeing how I’ve been lacking in posts recently (more excuses go here), I thought I’d make an attempt at a post for ‘Scrutiny Sundays’. Now, I actually haven’t eaten pickled kangaroo so that means I’ll have to actually think of something original to scrutinize. Damn.

Well, I actually have tasted kangaroo. And… honestly it just tasted a lot like salty beef. Sorry if that ruins it for anyone but… I’m no food critic. I’m not going to be able to tell you the textures on your palate or anything. It tastes like red meat. Probably because it is. So pickled kangaroo would probably be… not overly enticing. Give me a steak any day. But, that said, the tourists love it. You can offer them a tiny entree that includes kangaroo meat at an exorbitant price and there isn’t much hesitation. Oh, come to Australia and eat one of our national emblems. Sure you’ve -seen- them, but have you TASTED THEM. Yep, definitely shouldn’t put me in charge of that ad campaign.

To distract you from the absence of content, here is a totally believable, non-MSPaintshopped picture of a kangaroo skewer.

How long are reviews supposed to be? I really can’t write too much on kangaroo meat. It’s just not that interesting (There’s the hint that tells me I shouldn’t have written about it AT ALL). Honestly, I came up with nothing. Nothing at all to scrutinize. I scrutinize things every day, review websites to friends. And I couldn’t think of a single funny, compelling thing/food/object/person to review on the one time I’m actually going to reach out to other bloggers. Always knew I was a smart one. So hilarious! They’ll be reading this and showing it to their friends and it’ll go viral once people get back in their seats (the ones without seat belts!) from laughing so hard. Fantastic! They’ll say. Kangaroo meat! They’ll forget I totally stole this idea off someone. That or he gets famous and rich too. (totally believable right?)

Well, I’m going to leave it at that. (Don’t think I didn’t hear that collective sigh of relief).

Musicofshadows: 0

Scrutiny Sundays: 1

Caught myself about to spout some sort of wrap up line. ‘Until next time!’ ‘Peace out’ ‘Have fun and remember to feed the zebras!’ Yea. Like I need to convince anyone further how lame I am. Cool people don’t sign out like that. Do cool people sign out? Must research this.

Wish I was as cool as this skewer. I mean kangaroo.


And because I have no clue about copyright rules:
(Original image) (Original image)

Scrutiny Sundays are a creation of Reputation@Stake over at The Stupid Bet, share your link if you’re participating so I/he/we can all skewer some ‘roos togeth- or just so I can share it as well.


6 Responses to Strap in for Scrutiny Sunday

  1. TS Hendrik says:

    I just watched a program on kangaroos that was talking about how quickly they reproduce. Kangaroo meat is supposed to be a lot healthier, so my question is why don’t we start farming these ‘roos across the world instead of cows?

  2. MusicofShadows says:

    Good question. It’s true they do reproduce way too fast for anyone’s good. Would it go down well to have kangaroo farms? I know the meat is a -lot- tougher to cook correctly though, so that might be a negative. Though, if they turned the wildlife kangaroo parks into farms they could be turning a double profit. Show the tourists the kangaroos and how adorable they are then usher them out of earshot and shoot them (the kangaroos, not the tourists).

    I honestly have no idea, I can only get away with pretending to know about kangaroos because I’m Australian. Would you buy packaged roo meat from the supermarket?

    • TS Hendrik says:

      Oooh I like that. It would be like choosing which lobster you want at Red Lobster. I’ll take that roo. Bang!

      I think I would buy it at a store. There are other meats that toughen up if not cooked right. It would just take some learning.

      • MusicofShadows says:

        After consulting a local roo meat specialist (ok, I lied, a family member who has eaten roo meat as well), he said it is popular here… in dog food. That and it is pretty available in the supermarket. As you said, it’s lean meat so is healthier than beef. Lots of people do like the taste (Roo specialist quote ‘It’s a strong taste’). So why don’t we eat it?

        I actually have no idea. Maybe you’re onto something.

        Also, I’m really no expert on roo meat so I may have/be continuing to talk untrue things. Ok actual wikipedia article about kangaroo meat says ‘However kangaroo farming is economically unattractive due to the start up costs and inability for the farmed product to compete financially against animals that have been killed by hunters under the government quota system.’

  3. That was great! I’ve honestly wondered what a kangaroo would taste like, ever since eating shark and octopus. (Don’t try to make sense of that.) But now I know, thanks to you, and I’ll take your word for it, and skip the experience. That means you just saved me 30 bucks, or whatever they charge for a meal of kangaroo meat. And made me laugh while doing it.

    • MusicofShadows says:

      Don’t skip it on my account! Add it to the list with the shark and octopus. I’d be interested to hear other people’s view on it. (I may or may not be extremely picky with food)

      That said, I’m not sure how readily available it is over there so it may well be 30 bucks that you’ll want to save for more soda or something. Maybe next time I’m in the States I should ask the Ralphs checkout guy if they stock kangaroo meat. Just for the reaction.

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