One way to stand out as a musician.

As per usual, going to kick off with something that someone else came up with and not anything of my own (I swear I’ll get around to some original writing again soon…) However this is very share worthy. There’s a Youtube video maker called MysteryGuitarMan, and while he’s a great guitarist, his video editing skills and interesting ideas are what makes his clips stand out. It’s this kind of thing that makes me want to learn more video editing techniques (and be creative enough to apply them). I’ll shut up now and let the videos explain themselves.

This one is done entirely with kids toys and a bit of editing.

And though there’s a few like this out there, have some fun with…

Anyhow! Check out his Youtube page for more interesting videos. Original content on the way eventually, all the usual lame excuses apply (the best one being ‘I’ll update when I feel like since no one reads this anyway’ and the worst one being ‘I have work to do’)

What’s your lamest excuse for not blogging? What’s your best? Leave a comment!

Edit: I do realise no one reads this therefore asking for comments is like expecting that by painting racing stripes on a snail’s shell it will move faster (if it does, it’s likely just your imagination trying to justify the fact you took the time to paint a snail.) But hey. Maybe there’s that one snail that became so energized and motivated by you painting it, it suddenly started racing around at breakneck speed (do snails even have necks?). More likely, if it does move marginally faster it’s because the snail inhaled the paint fumes and is on it’s own little snail-trip. But I digress.


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