If she was a dust particle…

Plenty of sites out there have images or quotes that just make you stop for a second and think.  Guess this is my first ‘plug’ for another blog, and they don’t even know who I am. An interesting sense of… achievement/disbelief/amusement/turtle. Anyhow, onto the small yet thought provoking text (the suspense must be killing you.)

Only at 3a.m.

Sometimes I think it would be so cozy to have the ability to instantly transform myself into a little bug, that way i could fall asleep tucked into a matchbox with a cotton ball as a pillow. But then I suppose if i was that small, I’d see the matchbox and cotton ball as boring because they were my size, and I would wish I was even smaller, like a dot, who could live inside a dust particle, with a snippet of hair as my backyard. but then this spiral would just continue until i inevitably wished I was an atom, or half of one, and hitting that wall would just be so disappointing, i’d have to turn around and go back to being human-size again, and forget wishing i had a wizard who could make such transformations possible.

You may have a few moments to process that quote…

…ok. And about the ‘feeling a sense of turtle’, it actually means that you feel like you crawl along and then something opens your eyes and you just- Yea. I’m bullshitting. Random word vomit to attempt to add to this post. Which I really didn’t need to do, as that quote speaks for itself. Probably should have put it by itself without all my ramblings, or with structured/interesting ramblings. But I didn’t. Take that. All you…people that aren’t reading. TAKE THAT.


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