Three-Minute Fiction (belated)#5

Only just heard about Three-Minute Fiction today and though this round is closed, I decided to try my hand at it anyway.

The stimulus for this round is:

Begins with “Some people swore that the house was haunted”

Ends with “Nothing was ever the same again after that.”

Here’s my effort.

Only Plastic

Some people swore the house was haunted. Sure it is, if Lego comes out with ghost figurines. Until then it is just a house made from a variety of white, yellow and red bricks on a green flat board. The artist, though an eight year old, was proud that he got to display his creation at the museum alongside the older Lego exhibits. There is an explanation for why the other figurines and creations lose random bricks here and there, even from in the middle of a solid structure. The figurine visible through the plastic window of the house did look a little creepy, perhaps due the thickly printed moustache and thin spectacles drawn on, or the curiously shaped plastic hair, but he is definitely inanimate. The perfectly detailed tuxedo painted on his torso appears flawed opposed to his brightly painted kin, but getting a closer look proves difficult due to his size and placement. It’s not even something most people would notice.

The exhibit, truth be told, had none of these odd problems before the kid added the figurine to his creation. The young builder didn’t think to mention he couldn’t remember owning such a figurine before searching his Lego collection for a suitable figurine and only finding this one. Nothing was ever the same after that.



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