This one time, at….(cliched title camp)

It’s been a while, but I’ve noticed a lot of my posts are linking and sharing info about various music listening sites. Found a new one today, in a similar vein to some I’ve mentioned previously.

This site is called bandcamp, and it uses a tag system to sort artists by genre. Once you click on an artist, it takes you to a page with their songs, all available for listening (none of this preview crap). Of course it is pay-to-download (they are indie artists after all, or at least a lot are) but the prices aren’t too bad if you do find a band or artist you fall in love with.

The Juliets The Juliets
This is a 7 piece band from Detroit who seem to have a fairly strong online presence already. They are signed and appear to be touring at the moment. Hard to describe their sound, I used the tags from their bandcamp page to classify them. They have a rather chill/relaxed sound overall, and after a bit of research seems they are an impressive collection of talent. Have a listen for yourself and see what you think.

One-Eyed Doll One-Eyed Doll
This Austin based trio have a sound I’m particularly fond of- that sort of soft rock/grunge feel with diversity. Female fronted, they have a lot of energy and lyrical and musical variety. Songs like ‘Beautiful Freak’ and ‘See Jane Run’ are upbeat rock while ‘Murder Ballad’ is more soulful and mellow. Check em out!

The Yes Yes Yalls The Yes Yes Yalls
This duo has a boyband-hiphop sorta sound, and it’s not really my cup of tea. That said, they do have a song called ‘PWNED’ which is growing on me a lot. Haven’t listened to their lyrics heavily or too many of their songs but the sheer fact they have a song called that, they make the short list.

All of this was from only an hour or so’s exploration of the site, so I’m sure there are better songs/artists that suit all tastes. I know I’ll keep browsing around, the autoplay feature is handy to as you can just open an artists page and it’ll play through the album, or you can load songs individually.

Happy listening.


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