Return of the Je-… er, posts

Woo Star Wars reference!

With a few new posts under my belt and a renewed interest in blogging, for now, (still can’t pin down the exact reason why), I think it’s time I allowed access again. You know, blog to the millions of people not listening as opposed to blog to no one. There is a difference, I swear!

Or is there… who knows. Yep, took the blog off the internets, much to the dismay of fans and readers alike (is my sarcasm too obvious here?). Shit happened. But, s’all good. I’m back. But not in black. Much too hot for that today.

my paint loveheart

(Oh look I drew a love heart in Paint!)

P.S. That heart is not aimed at just anyone. Do not, gentle reader, assume it is my love for you. That I express in other ways. Like spouting random shit for you to read. See? Much better than a drawing.


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