Learning to juggle

I learned to juggle. Ages ago now. The story of how paints me in an interesting light. (or so I like to think.)

The short version is a French backpacker at a small backpackers hotel taught me one afternoon when I was visiting the Sunshine Coast. Makes me sound like some sort of laid back traveler type right? Right?

I only bring it up because I reread some of my old posts and noticed the one about how I wanted to learn to juggle. Well, I did. I learned a lot more than that on that trip too, it was refreshing to get away from it all. Even if the reason for that trip is now totally null. But who really needs a reason to go on a holiday with no planning? They are the best type. So my juggling skills do leave a lot to be desired but I’m still workin on it, because I know how impressive it will be when I show off. Yep…

This’ll also be my first post since taking my blog off public view. Which means for now, no one can read this but me. What does that say about me writing to an audience of none? Would this be better off in a Word document?


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