Sand in my hair, salt on my skin and thoughts on my mind.

Yesterday was quite a day. I’m not sure I can find the right adjective for it. Surreal maybe?

My day started with watching Into the Wild which was an experience in and of itself. I’d recommend watching that movie if you haven’t already, it’s truly amazing and inspiring, I’m glad it was brought to my attention.

I then played my drums for an hour or so, I love to get so immersed in what I’m doing and the sound that everything else becomes secondary. Not quite sure how to explain that feeling either.

It was certainly shaping up to be an interesting day to say the least. I wasn’t tired, yet I had barely slept the last two nights. All I’d consumed was a cup of coffee. And I wasn’t hungry. It’s almost like I was free from these needs, just for now. I’m not sure what inspired the urge to go somewhere, I’d had the thought even before I watched the movie. So I put on my bikini, grabbed a towel and my bag, and headed out the door.

I ended up driving out of town to the end of a stretch of beach. And then I parked, left all my possessions in my car and walked down to the beach wearing only my bikini, shorts and a singlet, carrying a towel.

There were only a few other people in sight. I stripped down to my bikini, and ran into the water and dived under. It was… so nice. I felt like some hidden desire had been filled. I didn’t stay long in the water, I walked back up the beach, stopped before my towel and flopped down on the sand. I rolled around a bit, covering myself in sand that clung to my wet skin, then lie flat on my back staring at the sky. Sand in my hair, sand everywhere but I didn’t need to get rid of it. I lie there like that for a little, then decided it was time to keep going.

I pulled my shorts and singlet back on, wrapped my towel around my shoulders and started running across the beach, away from where I had parked. Spotting the beginnings of a track leading up from the beach, I slowed and decided to see where it led. After a little way through scrub, it came to a parking lot. I walked on.

A sign up ahead told me that there was walking tracks into the hill, one leading to graves, one leading to a beach. I took the beach track. It was a fair hike, but oh so scenic. Though some of the grass next to the track had been burnt off, it provided a stark contrast to the blue sky and yellow/white beaches below. Being barefoot, my progress was slower than if I had been wearing shoes, the path was rocky at times, and only rocks at other times.

The beach came into view, and how beautiful it was. And nearly deserted. I walked down, put my feet in the water. Then sat on a rock that extended out from the beach into the water. Staring down at the waves crashing on the rocks, the water… out to the sky and the island. It was truly magical. One of those moments you can’t plan. I got a lot of thinking done, without doing a lot of conscious thinking at all.

By the time I stood up again, it was nearing sundown. I decided to head back, but not before having another look at the little shells that lined the beach. In front of me now is a small collection of about 4 tiny shells, that I pocketed. So small yet just as shapely and perfect as the bigger shells.

The walk back was better than I expected, I suppose because I had to partially concentrate on where I walked, which left a small part of my mind to wander yet not too far. I might take some photos when I return there.

I’m not sure I can do justice describing that day, as there is so much I missed. And the big parts I left out. I just wanted to summarize I guess, it felt like exploring. Thinking, discovering, dreaming, swimming, observing, existing.

I still have sand in my hair.


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