Omgwat. Free music downloads?!!!11!

I like to try to broaden my music horizons a lot, and having quite… an eclectic taste in music, this isn’t hard to do.

Finding a new band or artist that inspires or amazes you, or even just sounds good at the time lyrically or musically is an experience I love.

I haven’t had many new bands that I like come from this site but there are a few songs that fit a certain mood or just make me glad I experienced the song once that crop up on this page from time to time. The featured songs are free, and if you have more time or better internet than me (or a radio come to think of it) you can listen to triple j live. It’s not totally my cup of tea a lot of the time, but well worth a mention for those up and coming bands before they hit the spotlight.

Quick mention to another page, Asleep on the Compost Heap which I also discovered by accident today and am yet to explore further. Definitely worth a read and a listen to some of the songs that are on the page. I’d write more good words about it but I’m not really out to review websites or blogs so just head on over and check it out for yourself.

“Counting all different ideas drifting away” 1901– Phoenix.


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