First and foremost, something indifferent.

There always has to be a first post. Has to be a first everything really. So this is it. The first blog entry that you’ll see from me. Possibly one of a few, or one of many. Only time will tell.

What a cliche. Yes time will tell, but not just time. Also telling how often I post here will be how lazy I feel, how busy I am, whether I come to realize this as a good or bad idea. Whether this makes me realize that I’m not really as funny or entertaining as I think I am.

Perhaps I should introduce myself a little, yet without revealing too much since I’m still deciding whether to be semi anonymous for fear of well, what you usually fear from the internet. If I do that later on, it’ll be more dramatic, like the unmasking of Spiderman in the movie. I hope. Though you’ll probably just be saying ‘She’s just a kid, no older than my son’ before the revealing, should it ever happen. (Apologies to those who know I butchered that quote a little.)

I’m still a teenager for a little while longer. I’m Australian. I’m a female on the internet (Yea yea, they don’t exist etc). You’ll probably come to know all this through my style of writing. Or not. I have a day job and a night job and should still be at university. Or so they keep saying. I decided to publish entries to a blog since I started writing a little again and the ‘Why not?’ argument won.

So that’s it for now, unplanned unedited first post. Will people read this? Will I want to read this? Only time will tell. Ha.


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